Application Requirements
Application – must be completed
Answer sheet – neatly typed or printed
Typed resume – highlight your leadership experience
College transcript if applicable (must have a minimum of 2.67 GPA to apply and a 2.75 term GPA while
in office)
Drop off application in CC 152 (Student Government Office) or email all documents to
IMPORTANT: Not all applications are automatically forwarded to the interview committee. Please ensure that
your application is complete before submitting or your application may not be considered.
Behavioral expectations for student leaders:
Visit the following link and read the ASG Behavior Code, ASG Constitution, and the Student Conduct Section
of the CCC Student Handbook: www.clackamas.edu/asg. We have provided these documents so that you can
better understand your responsibilities as a CCC student and leader. All applicants should be familiar with
these documents prior to interviewing.
Initial below:
I have read the ASG Behavior Code, ASG Constitution, and the CCC Code of Conduct, and am aware
that I will be held to these standards if selected to the CCCASG.
Associated Student Government Team
Director: Officers:
President (Elected) Grants Officer(s)
Vice President (Elected) Community Wellness Officer(s)
Administrative Director Administrative Assistant (Officer)
Grants Director Campus Affairs Officer(s)
Community Wellness Director Senator(s)
Clubs Director
Multicultural Center Director
Promotions Director
Note: Student Government positions listed may vary from year to year based on team needs.
Application Deadline: For first consideration for Fall term, submit your application by the end of the day on May
. Interviews will be conducted throughout June. Additional interviews will be scheduled as committee
availability allows. Applications are accepted year round and interviews are conducted as positions
become available outside of the main hiring season.
Cell Phone: Alternate Phone:
CCC email @student.clackamas.edu
Alternate Email:
Student ID: Cumulative GPA Average Credits to be enrolled
ASG Department(s) Desired:
Please check one:
Interested in any level
ASG Director Positions (15 hours per week minimum)
ASG Officer Positions (10 hours per week minimum)
ASG Senator Positions (5 hours per week minimum)
Answer the questions below or on a separate sheet of paper and submit with your application packet (use
complete sentences). Include your name and contact information on your typed answer sheet.
1. Why are you interested in Associated Student Government?
2. What areas of personal improvement do you feel need work, and how might your involvement on ASG
help accomplish this?
3. Please describe your experience and abilities working with diverse groups.
I hereby submit my application and give full permission for my schedule/GPA to be released to CCCASG to
verify the requirements as stated in the ASG Constitution/Leadership Guidelines. I agree that all information is
true to the best of my knowledge.
Signature: Date:
For questions, contact the ASG Vice President at asgvp@clackamas.edu
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