Application / Renewal for Short Term Rental (STR)
Torrey Town
PO Box 750027
Torrey UT 84775
This application is for the following purpose:
____ New short term rental license ____Renewal of short term rental license
____ Owner occupied STR ____ Non-owner occupied STR!
Name of Business _________________________________!
Owner name ______________________________________
Owner physical address _____________________________
Owner mailing address _____________________________!
Owner email address _______________________________!
Owner phone number(s) _____________________________!
Physical address of STR _____________________________ !
Attach the following:!
Short term rental information form!
Parking plan for guests
Fire/disaster escape plan for guests
Evidence the STR phone is registered with the Wayne County Red Code Alert System
Current certificate of insurance documenting STR is insured as an STR
STR Rental Inspection Check List signed by building inspector (Make inspection
appointment for inspection through Torrey Town licensing official.)
Evidence that STR has been inspected by the Wayne County Fire Marshal
Check for $200
If application is for owner occupied STR, attach Primary Resident Affidavit
Initial the following statements.
_____ I have read and understand Torrey’s STR ordinance
_____ I shall cause lodging tax, sales tax, and all other applicable taxes to be collected and
remitted to all appropriate and designated agencies.
_____ I have provided the local contact information to the owners of all adjacent properties and
the licensing official.
_____ I have no outdoor advertising signs related to my STR on the STR property.
_____ In my STR I have prominently displayed the Advisory For Renters, which I obtained from
the Torrey Town licensing official.!
_____ I understand no tent or RV camping is allowed on a short-term rental property during!
rental periods.
Signature of applicant _____________________________________Date____________
Date application received __________________________________________!