Jim Brown Learning Scholarship
Village United Methodist Chruch
Hot Springs Village, Arkansas
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City, State, Zip Code:
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Birth Date:
Grade Point:
ACT Score:
Class Standing:
Anticipated Course of Study:
Educational Institution(s) being considered for further education/instituition attending (current college
Extra Curricular Activities:
Work History (if applicable):
Parent or Guardian Name(s), if not emancipated:
Parent(s) or Guardian(s) Employer(s); your and/or spouse's employer, if emancipated:
Attach a list of other awards/financial aid you have applied for or plan to apply for and note any that you
have received.
Please include a 200- to 300-word essay stating your goals.
Return COMPLETE PACKET to Village United Methodist Church Scholarship Committee
200 Carmona Road
Hot Springs Village, AR 71909