Application & Instructions for Clinical Pastoral Education
Please respond to each of the following items. Your typed responses on separate pages would be appreciated.
1. Please complete the attached form and mail to the Center or Cluster to which you are applying. Read instructions carefully before submitting.
International applicants have additional requirements and deadlines. You may want to make a copy of a blank form before entering any data.
2. A reasonably full account of your life. Include, for example, significant and important persons and events, especially as they have impacted, or
continue to impact, your personal growth and development. Describe your family of origin, current family relationships, and important and
supportive social relationships.
3. A description of your spiritual growth and development. Include, for example, the faith heritage into which you were born and describe and
explain any subsequent, personal conversions, your call to ministry, religious experiences, and significant persons and events that have
impacted, or continue to impact, your spiritual growth and development.
4. A description of your work (vocational) history. Include a chronological list of jobs/positions/dates of employment and a brief statement about
your current employment and work relationships.
5. An account of a helping incident” in which you were the person who provided the help. Include the nature and extent of the request, your
assessment of the issue(s), problem(s), situation(s). Describe how you came to be involved and what you did. Give a brief, evaluative
commentary on what you did and how you believe you were able to help. If you have had prior and recent CPE, please attach a copy of a
recent verbatim as your 'helping incident' and add to the verbatim your own notes on how and what you learned from sharing this verbatim
with your certified educator and/or peers. If you have had CPE, but it was more than two years ago, include a recent account of a helping
incident, written up in a verbatim format. If possible, include feedback from current pastoral colleagues and/or administrative supervisor.
6. Your impressions of Clinical Pastoral Education. Indicate, for example, what you believe or imagine CPE to be. Indicate if CPE is being
required of you. Indicate any learning goals or issues of which you are aware and would like to address in CPE. Finally, indicate how CPE
may be able to help you meet needs generated by your ministry or call to ministry. If you have had prior CPE, please indicate the most
significant learning experience you had during CPE. State how you have continued to use the clinical method since your previous experience.
Indicate strengths and weaknesses that you have as they relate to your ministry and your identity as a professional person. Indicate any
personal and/or professional learning goals and issues that you have at this time and how you believe that CPE will help you to attain or
address these learning goals and issues
7. You are required to complete an admissions interview with an ACPE Certified Educator or a person approved by the center to which you are
applying, or at the center to which you are applying. Contact the center to check on their policy regarding admission interviews.
8. CPE Centers often require an application fee. Please check this requirement in advance of submitting this application. If you are interviewing
at a center other than the one to which you are applying, you may be required to pay an interview fee, usually due at the time of the interview.
9. If you are an international applicant, you will have to obtain appropriate documentation from U.S. Immigration, which usually implies a visa and
a US Social Security Number. Therefore, international applicants should have such documentation approved at least six (6) months prior to
the start of the program to which they are applying. If offered employment, can you submit verification of your legal right to work in the U.S.?
Yes___ No___
10. An applicant with prior CPE should attach all previous self and supervisory evaluations and your signature below indicates you give permission
for your previous CPE centers to release your evaluations for purposes of this application process.
11. Retain your own copy of this completed application and bring it with you to any interview for CPE.
12. Have you ever been convicted or pled nolo to a misdemeanor, a felony, or other crime? Yes___ No___
13. Please attach a current resume.
I certify that all information in this application is factually true, complete, and honestly presented. I understand that I may be subject to disciplinary action,
including admission revocation or program expulsion, should the information I’ve certified be false. I hereby give permission to the ACPE center to which I
am applying to access my CPE evaluations and contact previous supervisory personnel about matters pertaining to this current application, and I consent
for those contacted to provide the information sought. I verify that if sending in this application electronically it constitutes my electronic signature.
Signature: _______________________________________________________ Date: _____________________
CPE is not a trademark and variously accredited programs are advertised and offered. This application form has been approved and provided by the
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Application for Clinical Pastoral Education
Print or type responses and mail or email to the Allina CPE Center (
Applying for: Fall___ Spring___ Summer___ Extended Unit ___ 9 month residency___ 12 month residency___
Preferred site: 1
Choice: _________________________ 2
Choice: _________________________
Choice: _________________________ 4
Choice: _________________________
*Please note that residency programs usually require an in-person interview in their admissions process.
Directory Information
Name: _________________________________________________________________________________
Mailing address: _________________________________ City:_____________________________ ST: ________
Country & ZIP:________________________________ Email: __________________________________________
Day Telephone: _______________________ Alt Telephone: _________________________
Permanent address: ___________________________________ City:___________________________ ST: _________
ZIP: ____________ Country: ____________________________ Alt Email: _________________________________
Denomination/Faith Group Affiliation: ________________________________________________________________
Jurisdiction/District/Diocese/Conference/Assoc: __________________________________________________________
Jurisdictional Authority (name/title): __________________________________________________________________
Local Church & Ministry Position: ____________________________________________________________________
Ordained/Licensed/Appointed: __________________________________ Date: _______________________________
College: Degree/Date: ____________________________________________________________________________
Seminary: Degree/Date: ___________________________________________________________________________
Grad Schl: Degree/Date: ___________________________________________________________________________
Prior CPE Dates: Center Supervisor
______________________ ___________________________________________ ________________________
______________________ ___________________________________________ ________________________
Academic Reference (name/title): _____________________________________________________________________
Phone: ____________________________ Address: ____________________________________________________
City: __________________________ ST: ________ ZIP: ______________ Email: ___________________________
Denominational Reference (name/title): _________________________________________________________________
Phone: ____________________________ Address: ____________________________________________________
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Personal Reference (name/relationship): ________________________________________________________________
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City: __________________________ ST: ________ ZIP: ______________ Email: ___________________________
Signature of applicant: _______________________________________________ Date:
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