Application Form
Please use separate form for each type of transaction.
Managers / Gift Check Sale / Purchase Foreign Currency Demand Draft
Cash Check Debit from Account / Credit to Account
Others (please specify)
Present Address
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Contact Numbers ID Presented
Currency Purpose/Reason
FX Rate
Amount of Request / Converted Amount
Service Charge
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Account Number
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Customer Information
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Payee Information (For Manager’s / Gift Check and Demand Draft Application Only.)
Nature of Work Source of Funds Tax ID No. SSS or GSIS No.
Birth Place Nationality Mother’s Full Maiden Name
Additional Information for Non-BDO Account Holders
Terms and Conditions
Mode of Payment
For Bank’s Use Only
I/We have read and hereby authorize the Bank to carry out this instruction and agree to be
governed by your terms and conditions printed below. Furthermore, I/We authorize the Bank
to debit the above account for the payment of applicable fees and charges to implement
my/our request.
On Manager's / Gift Check
a. Application
A “Stop Payment Order “may not be instituted over a Manager's/ Gift Check once the
Applicant has taken delivery thereof. However, the Bank may, in its sole discretion,
entertain and implement a “Stop Payment Order” under the following conditions:
(1) The Manager's / Gift Check shall have been lost, stolen or believed to be destroyed;
(2) The Applicant shall deliver to the Bank
(a) An affidavit attesting to the loss, theft, robbery or destruction of Manager’s / Gift
(b) A Stop Payment Order form duly accomplished and signed;
(c) An indemnity bond with a life of one (1) year for an amount equal to Two
Hundred Percent (200%) of the face amount of the Manager's / Gift Check said
to be lost, stolen or destroyed, conditioned to indemnify the Bank for any and all
liabilities it may incur as a result of or by reason of having dishonored a
Manager's / Gift Check alleged to have been lost, or destroyed.
b. Manager’s Check with “Cash or Bearer” as Payee
The Applicant acknowledges that the proceeds of a Manager’s Check payable to
“BEARER” or “CASH” or other words of equivalent meaning may be paid to any
possessor thereof who presents it for payment. He/she agrees and undertakes to assume
all the risks involved in the event it is lost or stolen and to hold the Bank free and harmless
from any liability whatsoever for payment made to any possessor who presents the
Manager’s Check to the Bank. Furthermore, he/she agrees and confirms that he/she
cannot countermand payment of the Manager’s Check in any cases, particularly when it
is already in the possession of another person.
c. Cancellation of Unnegotiated Manager's / Gift Check
The purchaser confirms that the BDO Manager's / Gift Check remains unnegotiated, and
as such wish to have the check cancelled by the Bank. The purchaser agrees to
indemnify the bank for any actual and consequential damages/losses which the bank
may incur or suff�er by the reason of the cancellation of the aforesaid Manager's / Gift
d. Lost Manager's / Gift Check
In the event of a lost/stolen or destroyed Manager's / Gift Check, the Bank reserves the
right to impose any conditions relative to the refund/replacement of the said check.
On Demand Draft
a. Application
The Draft is issued with the distinct understanding that it will be forwarded abroad
immediately for presentation to the drawee. The Bank will not be responsible should the
draft be dishonored as a result of delay in presentation or any other reason beyond its
b. Lost Demand Draft
In the event of a lost/stolen or destroyed Demand Draft, the Bank reserves the right to
impose any conditions relative to the refund/ replacement of the said check.
On Purchase / Sale of Foreign Currency Notes
The Applicant holds himself fully and unconditionally responsible and agrees to reimburse the
Bank on demand the proceeds of purchase / sale of foreign currency notes in the event of
error or irregularity.
Acknowledgment Receipt of Forex Transaction
Customer’s Signature
Verified/Processed By Approved By Date