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Application Form
Applicant Name (Last Name, First Name):
Official Home of Record Address:
Preferred Phone Number(s):
Email Address:
Advanced Degree Graduation Date (or anticipated date):
*To be eligible, applicants must be recent graduates at the time of application, and must apply
within 2 years of advanced degree (Master’s degree or above) completion. Applicants
expecting to graduate within 6 months at the time of application are also eligible to apply.
Applicants must meet all advanced degree requirements, including the completion and/or
successful defense of any required thesis or dissertations to be eligible.
Cohort 2 applicants must have graduation dates not earlier than February 2019, or have
anticipated graduation dates of May/June/July 2021.
Applicants must be either U.S. citizens or lawful U.S. Permanent Residents to apply.
Please provide citizenship status, below:
A citizen of the U.S.
A lawful permanent resident of the U.S. (i.e. Green Card holder, Naturalized U.S.
If yes, please indicate the type of clearance and level:
Confidential / Public Trust
Top Secret
Top Secret/ Special Compartmented Information
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List All Language Skills and Level of Fluency:
Level (Beginner, Intermediate,
Veteran’s Preference does not apply to the McCain Fellows Program. However,
veterans may still claim their U.S. military experience or veteran’s status for their record.
Do you have previous or current U.S. military experience?
Are you a reservist?
So we can better locate applicants in the future, please tell us how you heard about this
program. Please choose the best available option.
Recruitment event (e.g. Job fair,
Info Session, etc.)
Professor/Faculty Virtual Job Fairs
Colleague/Other Students Social Media
Dept. of Defense or Washington
Headquarters Services Website
School/University Job board
Affinity group / Professional
If Other, Please Specify:
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Open application period for the McCain Fellows Program, Cohort 2 starts on
January 4, 2021 and ends on February 15, 2021 at 11:59 PM EST.
Provide required supporting documents with this application. Write compelling
narratives for sections 7-10. Use space provided for each section.
Combine all application requirements and supporting documents into one final
package and convert into one PDF file. Follow file naming convention:
Organize the application package and documents in the following
sequence/document order:
McCain Fellows Program Application Form
McCain Fellows Program Resume
Recommendation Letters and/or Endorsement Letters
Official Transcripts
Academic Writing Sample
McCain Fellows Mobility/Relocation and Participation Agreement Form
Submit your complete application package to whs.mccainfellows@mail.mil
to the application deadline (February 15, 2021 at 11:59 PM EST).
Incomplete application package and/or late submissions CANNOT be
Contact whs.mccainfellows@mail.mil
if you have any questions or need
Sections 1-8: Application Package (Organize documents in the following sequence)
1. Complete the McCain Fellows Program Application Form.
2. Complete the McCain Fellows Program Resume.
3. Two letters of recommendation from previous employers, professors, coaches,
internship supervisors, volunteer activity leads or work colleagues addressing
academic ability, work ethic and any extra-curricular activities.
4. An endorsement letter or recommendation letter from the applicant’s graduate
institution (i.e. academic advisor, career counselor, guidance counselor, university
dean or professor) addressing the applicant’s academic history and overall
character (i.e. no record of honor investigations, plagiarism accusations, suspension,
misconduct, etc.).
5. Official transcripts of educational achievement at the undergraduate and
graduate level.
6. Provide an academic writing sample (i.e. published articles, dissertation, thesis, etc.)
7. Review, acknowledge and sign the McCain Fellows Program Mobility/Relocation
and Participation Agreement form.
8. Assessment. Complete all requisites that apply.
Applicant Signature: ________________________________ Date: _________________
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7. Career goals. Describe your career goals and areas of interest and how the
McCain Fellows Program will help you achieve those goals.
Career Goals:
8. Accomplishments. Describe and provide examples/evidence of any learning,
professional, leadership and work accomplishments.
Learning, Professional, Leadership and Work Accomplishments:
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9. Benefits for Department of Defense. Describe how your selection benefits the DOD
and your motivation for service in the Department.
Benefits for DOD:
10. Essay. Describe what you want to accomplish and achieve during the fellowship.