The N. C
. Fire Prevention Code requires that a permit be issued for any blasting occurring within the City of
To recei
ve a blasting permit you must:
Have liability insurance in the amount of one million dollars or more
The blaster that will shoot the charge must be licensed by ATF
e fill out the information below and an inspector will contact you. At that time the Inspector will make an
appointment to survey the blasting site.
The cost
for a permit is $100.00 for 1 (one) day or $300.00 (three hundred) for 90 days
Payment must be made downtown at the city offices
Checks or money orders are made out to the City of Kannapolis
Credit or debit cards can be used
Name of bl
asting company:
lity insurance company’s name:
Is cur
rent proof of insurance on file? Yes No
Name of appl
Phone num
ber of applicant:
Location w
here blasting will be conducted:
Please email forms to:
Please fax to: 704-920-4262
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