Revised 12/2019
Occidental College Sponsored Summer Research
Program Application
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This is a fillable pdf form. Download and fill in all required info. Print and sign before submission.
First name: Last name: Oxy Student ID#:
Expected graduation year:
Box #:
Major(s) : Telephone #:
Please briefly specify any other pending summer research applications or other plans:
Do you plan to live on campus? Circle Y or N
If currently abroad, when does your program end?:
Project title:
Project mentor: Mentor’s Dept.:
Mentors email:
Amount of Supply Funds Requested, if applicable: $_________________
Signatures are required. Signatures indicate that the proposal was written by the student. Student signature grants permission for
the URC to obtain a copy of the student transcript from the Office of the Registrar, to obtain records from the Offices of Student
Conduct and Financial Aid, and to confer with other departments issuing funds on behalf of the college:
Student Signature: Date:
Mentor Signature: Date:
Proposals should be printed SINGLE sided using Arial or Times New Roman, 11 point font and at least
1.5 line spacing. List last name on upper right hand corner of each page in your application.
DO NOT STAPLE your proposal.
Please verify that each of the following are attached to this application.
1. Student’s Proposal (max 4 pages) 3. Summer Research Program Budget Sheet form
2. Student’s Personal Statement (max 2 pages) 4. Faculty Mentor’s Recommendation (form may
be submitted separately.)
Does your project require:
Laboratory Animal Review? Circle Y or N
Submit proposals to the Undergraduate Research Center, Library/Academic Commons, Main floor, old
wing: Room 253A (entrance through the Cumberland Reading Room) before 4 pm, February 10, 2020.
Please note: To ensure the success of this program and in keeping with its objectives, independent projects
with remote faculty supervision will not be supported. Likewise, applicants who will be unable to
participate in the research program for the full ten weeks, will not be funded. Fellows are expected to
work full time on their research and they are not permitted to hold other on-campus jobs during the
fellowship period. Fellows are expected to submit a final report & abstract to the URC, participate in all
assessment projects, present their results at the end of summer Research Conference and, if appropriate,
at the fall SCCUR conference.
Would you be willing to have your proposal shared with Marketing, Admissions, The Center for Research &
Scholarship or similar Occidental offices for promotional purposes? Yes ___ No ___