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Resident Assistant
Personal and Educational Information
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Transfer Student: Yes No Current Class: 1
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Cumulative GPA:
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Building Interest
Please rank your preference for which community you prefer to work in as a Resident Assistant:
1= highest preference, 6= lowest preference
Please remember that you are applying for an RA position within the Office of Residence Life,
not a specific building. Rankings do not qualify or disqualify you from being considered for a building.
Grand Liberty *Liberty Honors Housing Pierce White Suites
* Buena Vista University will launch a living learning community for Honor students in Fall 2020. Resident
Assistants assigned to this floor are responsible for fulfilling the residence life community building
requirements in addition to the honor’s living and learning curriculum. Students who participate in the honors
program and/or are highly connected and engaged on campus are encouraged to apply.
Are there details you would like to be considered as your building interest selections are
reviewed? Please include your remarks in the notes below.
Buena Vista University
Resident Assistant
Response Instructions
For the following sections please list all relevant experiences.
List all outside commitments or pre-professional experiences you are/will be involved in
during the 2020-2021 academic year, i.e. student teaching, internships, practicum,
student organizations, music ensembles, athletics, intramurals, part time employment,
study abroad etc.
Do you possess special training, i.e. First Aid, CPR, Conflict-resolution certification etc.?
Please include expiration dates.
In the space provided, please list past and current leadership positions/experiences, a
brief description, and the dates of participation.
Buena Vista University
Resident Assistant
Response Instructions
For the following section please articulate a concise response to each question listed below.
1. Why are you applying to be a Resident Assistant?
2. What qualities do you possess that qualify you for this student leader position?
Describe why these qualities are important to the Resident Assistant position.
3. Give an example of a time when you felt you were successful as a leader. How would
someone else describe you as a leader?
Buena Vista University
Resident Assistant
4. What part(s) of the Resident Assistant position would be the biggest challenge for you?
How do you plan to overcome the challenge(s)?
5. Do you have an Resident Assistant that has positively impacted you? If yes, what did you learn
from him/her/they. If not, how will you positively impact your residents?
5. If you are interested in leading the Honor's Living Learning community, please explain why and
what you hope to achieve.
Buena Vista University
Resident Assistant
Please Read and Sign the Statement below:
To the best of my knowledge, the information submitted on this application is true and correct. I
realize any falsification may result in disqualification as an applicant.
Applications are classified as personnel materials and subject to confidentiality. I further
understand the Director of Residence Life and Housing may verify my academic and student
conduct standing.
Candidate Signature Application Date
Reminder: Submit completed applications ResidenceLife@bvu.edu by 5 PM on Feb. 17, 2020.
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