Harmon College Internship Application
Revised July 20, 2018
Sarah Alkire
Dockery 101
University of Central Missouri
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone 660-543-8432
STEP 1 Student Portion:
Name: 700#:
Major: Phone number:
Company where you are interning:
Have you worked here before, or currently working there? If yes, how long?
Will a family member be supervising you? If yes, who?
Student Application Checklistplease check off each and sign below:
I have communicated with my advisor and have confirmed that I would like to be
enrolled in credit hours under the prefix of (ex. MGT, ACCT, etc.).
Based on the credit hours requested above, I need to work a minimimum of
hours as a requi
rement for passing the course.
I understand that all of my work hours need to be completed at the same employer
during the term I am enrolled for credit.
I have a job description directly and evidently from the company that I will turn in with
this application. I understand that the Harmon College Internship Office (HCIO) is
looking to see that this position will be relevant to my degree, challenging at a collegiate
level and that it is a paid position.
In addition to my application and job description, I understand my degree audit will be
reviewed to ensure I meet the pre-requisites listed under the HCIO section.
I understand that the deadline to be enrolled in the internship course is two weeks after
the first day of the semester.
Once enrolled in the course, I will check my UCM e-mail and Blackboard in order to
meet all the requirements of the course, including assignments.
I agree to conduct myself in a professional manner, complete assigned tasks and adhere
to all personnel rules to the satisfaction of my supervisor.
Student Signature: Date:
Next step, have your supervisor complete the Supervisor Portion.
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Harmon College Internship Application
Revised July 20, 2018
STEP 2 Supervisor Portion:
Supervisor name:
E-mail: Phone:
Supervisor Checklist please check off each and sign below
I am aware of how many work hours the student must complete and verify that it will be
possible for the student to achieve, barring any extraneous circumstances.
I understand the intern/student is receiving course credit and as a supervisor I will be
asked to be involved with:
Goal setting/reviewing for the internship period
A mid-point check in by HCIO
Completing an evaluation regarding the student’s performance
Approving/signing student’s work hour log
Internship start date:
Internship end date:
Supervisor Signature: Date:
Please check this box if you would like an e-mail of the final copy of this application.
Next step, keep a copy for your records and return to HCIO for approval and enrollment.
STEP 3 Harmon College Internship Office Portion:
Enrollment Checklist please check off each and sign below:
Job description is relevant, challenging and a paid position.
Supervisor confirms opportunity for work hour requirement to be met.
Undergraduate Student:
Student has at least 60 credit hours completed.
Student is officially admitted to the BSBA (applicable to all but HRA and AVIA).
Student has a minimum cumulative GPA following these guidelines: 2.65
Accounting majors; 2.25 Aviation majors; 2.4 Finance majors; 2.5 all other
Graduate Student: Program Advisor approval has been given.
Student has been enrolled in the following course:
HCIO Signature: Date:
Program Advisor Signature (for graduate level only):
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