Application # 20-
Property Owner _________________________
Mailing Address _________________________
Day-time Phone_________________________
Email Address _________________________
Is this an owner/builder project? YES NO
Contractor _______________________________
Mailing Address ___________________________
Day-time Phone ___________________________
Email Address ___________________________
NM License # _________ City License # ________
I hereby certify that I am the duly appointed agent authorized to act on behalf of the property owner. I also certify that the
information provided in this application is true and correct and it represents the current and proposed status of the subject
property; that the plans submitted with this application are complete and in compliance with the building standards set forth
in the Santa Fe City Code; and that the plans illustrate all public and private easements located on the property. I also
certify that plans and submittals have been prepared in accordance with the submittal checklist. I further understand that
failure to follow submittal checklist will result in the delay or rejection of my application.
Contact Name ____________________________ Phone ________________ Email ______________
Signature ________________________________ Date ________________
Permit Type _________________ Accepted By __________________ Date Accepted _____________
Plan Check Fee $ ____________ Water Budget Fee $ _____________ Permit Fee $ ______________
Zone District:______________ Land Use Classification: Escarpment Floodplain Historical
Site Address ______________________________ Subdivision ______________Lot ______ Block ______
Project Information:
Construction Valuation $ __________________ Square Foot area to be re-roofed ______________
Building Type _______ Roof Pitch _______ No. of Existing Layers _________ Roof Classification ______
Submit 2 sets of the following:
Roof Plan showing type of roof system, the roof slope, and roof drainage
Manufacturers specifications and installation instructions
Pre-approvals: check below which are required and included in application documents
Historic Preservation Districts Escarpment Overlay District
All commercial re-roof projects require Professional Seals to ensure the following:
The structure is sufficient to sustain the weight of the additional dead load for the new roof system
The roof deck is structurally sound
Roof drains and drainage are sufficient to prevent extensive accumulation of water
The existing roof system is securely attached to the deck
The existing roof assembly above the deck line is dry or otherwise not deteriorated
Fire retardant requirements are maintained
City of Santa Fe Land Use Department
Commercial and Residential Re-Roof Permit Application
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Kevin Smith