Application for Admission Revised July 2019
Associate of Applied Science Degree
In Nursing
Information Guide
Eastern Arizona College
Thatcher, AZ 85552-0769
(928) 428-8396
AccreditedSpring 2016- Spring 2021
Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN)
3343 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 850
Atlanta, Georgia 30326
Phone: (404) 975-5000
Fax: (404) 975-5020
A listing of ACEN approved institutions can be accessed at:
National League of Nursing
Center of Excellence Designation, 2018 2023
Category: Enhance Student Learning and Professional Development
Application for Admission Revised July 2019
Nursing Applicant Information Guide
This Arizona Board of Nursing approved program is designed to prepare the student for beginning
employment as a staff nurse providing direct care to patients. Upon successful completion of the
program, an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in Nursing is awarded and the graduate is eligible
to apply for the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN). Classes are
offered in Thatcher and through a partnership with Gila County Community College in Globe and Payson.
The program permits students to enter or exit the program based on student needs, space availability,
and time limitations. Entry into the nursing program requires formal admission. Admission procedures can
be obtained from the Nursing Department, (928) 428-8396.
Selection for admission is competitive and based upon completion of all admission requirements including
pre requisites with grades of “C” or better. Anonymity is assured by removing all candidate identifying
factors before submission to the Nursing Admissions and Review Committee. Completion of pre-/co-
requisites, health care work experience, pre and co-requisite grades of A or B, and higher math, reading,
and Nursing Entrance exam scores improve applicant ranking but do not guarantee acceptance. Top
ranking applicants are accepted into the program. A list of alternates is also selected. These candidates
maintain their alternate status through the first two weeks of classes pending opening admission slots.
Alternates not chosen and applicants not selected into the Nursing Program must reapply.
Completed Nursing Program Application for Admission
EAC Reading Competency Test (Accuplacer NEXT GEN score) of 263 or greater
Passing TEAS Assessment Nursing Entrance Exam with a minimum composite score of proficient.
For information about testing dates and times call 928-428-8396 for the Thatcher campus,
(928) 425-8481 for Globe and (928) 468-8039 for the Payson campus.
Study guides are available in the bookstore, online or at the Nursing Education Center.
Background check with a valid DPS level one fingerprint clearance card AND a background check
processed through Corporate Screening - use code EAST95A7
Applicants working in healthcare, desiring credit toward admission, may provide a letter from their
employer indicating position held, work quality, responsibility, and duration at that healthcare
facility. The work in healthcare must be within the last two years.
Application for Admission Revised July 2019
(Documentation of admission requirements are due in the Thatcher Nursing office by 2 business days
prior to the start of the semester or the applicant’s admission slot is forfeited.)
Meet admission requirements to Eastern Arizona College
Current American Heart Association CPR Basic Life Support (BLS) card
Current Arizona Licensed Nursing Assistant number in good standing
Meet the minimum math requirements set forth by the Nursing Program by demonstrating
competency through testing or course completion (HCE 116) in addition to math requirements
outlined below
Complete Immunization Record and Nursing Physical Form
Urine drug screen through (Corporate Screening)
Level One Fingerprint Clearance Card
Transcript verification of the following prerequisites with grades of “C” or better:
- CHM 130 or higher (CHM 138 Preferred)
- MAT 100 Applied Mathematics or math placement score into MAT154.
- PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology
- BIO 201 Anatomy & Physiology I
BACKGROUND CLEARANCE: All Eastern Arizona College healthcare students are required to complete a
criminal background check and drug screen. Previous background checks and drug screens are not valid.
The college will send information on how and when to obtain these requirements. Enrollment is
contingent on passing disposition on the background check. Once admitted, students have a duty to
immediately report to the Program Director any arrests, convictions, placement on exclusion databases,
suspension, removal of the DPS Fingerprint Clearance Card or removal or discipline imposed on any
professional license or certificate at any time during enrollment in the program. Any student who loses
eligibility to participate in clinical experiences due to inability to meet program requirements will be
withdrawn from the program.
At all times during enrollment students must obtain and maintain BOTH a valid Level One Fingerprint
Clearance Card and a passing disposition on the Certified Background check. Admission requirements
related to background checks are subject to change as mandated by clinical experience partners.
NOTE: (Pursuant to A.R.S. § 32-1606(B)(16), an applicant for professional or practical nurse license by
examination is not eligible for licensure if the applicant has one or more felony convictions and who has
not received an absolute discharge from the sentences for all felony convictions three or more years
before the date of filing an application. If the applicant cannot prove that the absolute discharge date is
three or more years before the date of filing the application, the Board of Nursing cannot process the
application.) ARS§ 32-1663 Section A “the Board may DENY any license applied for under this chapter if
the applicant commits an act of unprofessional conduct.”
Completed applications (with required documentation of all application requirements) must be submitted
to the Eastern Arizona College Nursing Office, located in the Nursing Education Center (615 N. Stadium
Avenue, Thatcher, AZ 85552-0769) by 5:00 PM October 1
for January admission and by 5:00 PM March
for August admission. No late or incomplete applications are accepted. Students are responsible for
providing proof of pre/co-requisite courses currently in progress as well as the current course grade.
Applicants are responsible for verifying completeness of their files by the date required by contacting
the Nursing office at (928) 428-8396.
Application for Admission Revised July 2019
Students transferring credits from other colleges must have official transcripts sent directly to the EAC
Records Office, Eastern Arizona College, 615 N. Stadium Avenue, Thatcher, AZ 85552 for evaluation.
Students transferring credits from out-of-state schools must also submit course descriptions. Receipt of
transcripts may take up to 2-3 weeks. Verification of receipt can be made by calling the Records Office at
(928) 428-8270. If transcripts have not been received, it is the applicant’s responsibility to contact the
former institution(s). Following transcript evaluation, information will be available to the Nursing Office
and a copy will be sent to the applicant. Please allow two to three weeks for this process. Only credits
from regionally accredited institutions identified in the EAC Academic Catalog will be evaluated. Transfer
credit may be awarded for courses at the freshman level (100 level) or higher with grades of “C” or better.
Transcripts to EAC from other colleges must be on the student official course record at Eastern Arizona
College to receive points.
A student transferring to another institution must be aware that credits earned from Eastern Arizona
College are transferable to other colleges and universities at the discretion of the receiving institutions. It
is beneficial for students to complete the Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Nursing degree, as most
universities will accept this degree. If a student desires to transfer prior to completion of the AAS Nursing
degree, courses will be evaluated individually by the accepting institution.
Application for Admission Revised July 2019
Course Sequence for Accepted Applicants
Nursing courses must be completed with a “B” or better and co-requisites with a “C” or better for
advancement to the next phase of the program.
Uncompleted co-requisites and nursing courses should progress as follows:
First Semester Credit Hours
NUR 120 Nursing One 9
BIO 202 Human Anatomy & Physiology II 4
NUR 219 Pharmacology for Nursing 3
Total 16
Second Semester
NUR 130 Nursing Two 9
ENG 101 Written Communications I 3
HCE 240 Human Pathophysiology 4
Total 16
Third Semester
NUR 240 Nursing Three 9
ENG 102 Written Communications II 3
HCE 241 Nutrition 3
Total 15
Fourth Semester
NUR 250 Nursing Four 10
BIO 205 Microbiology 4
Total 14
Students are eligible to apply for licensure as a Registered Nurse (RN) upon successful completion of the
AAS Nursing Degree. The RN is educated as a generalist who has competencies to provide nursing
services to clients in various health care settings.
Licensing requirements are the exclusive responsibility of individual state boards of nursing. In Arizona, it
is the Arizona State Board of Nursing (AZBN) (Nurse Practice Act Sections 32-1632, et. seq.). Licensing
fees and requirements are determined by and are the sole responsibility of the individual boards of
nursing. The approximate cost for application, testing, and fingerprinting in Arizona is $556.00. Contact
the Arizona Board of Nursing at or 602-889-5150 for further information.
Tuition ($960.00- $1240) full time tuition x 4 semesters; Arizona resident) $3840.00- 4960.00
Nursing Fee ($375 per semester X 4 semesters) $1500.00
Technology Fee 400.00
ATI Fee (approximately $100 per semester X 4 semesters) 400.00
Textbooks estimate $1500.00
Corporate Screening Costs $165.00
Nursing pin estimate (Optional) $50.00
Uniforms, clinical supplies and clinical travel and lodging expenses (estimate) $1500.00
Total estimated cost of EAC nursing program $9355.00-$10475.00
Fees may vary by location and the above is only an estimate.
Application for Admission Revised July 2019
Nursing is a difficult course of study. Students intending to pursue it should expect to spend a minimum of
45 hours per week in nursing and co-requisite classes, skills labs, clinicals, and study. Students may
participate in class activities via interactive television (ITV). Clinical experiences consist of 8-12 hour day,
evening, or weekend assignments which may include several out-of-town rotations per semester.
(Students are responsible for their own transportation and travel expenses.) All nursing courses must be
passed with a “B” or better and all pre and co-requisites must be passed with the minimum of a “C” for
students to remain in the program. It is therefore important that additional activities and employment be
During clinical experiences nursing students must be able to perform a number of physical activities. At a
minimum, students will be required to lift patients (50 pounds), stand for several hours at a time, perform
bending activities, hear heart and breath sounds, and identify different skin tones (pale, ashen, bluish).
The clinical nursing experience also places students under considerable mental and emotional stress as
they undertake responsibilities and duties impacting clients lives. Students must be able to demonstrate
rational and appropriate behavior under stressful conditions. Individuals should therefore give careful
consideration to the mental and physical demands of the program prior to making application.
Select student information (such as immunizations, CPR certification, etc.) may be shared with clinical
partners to meet regulatory requirements. These requirements MUST be uploaded into our technology
partner, MyClinicalExchange to be eligible to attend clinicals.
Students requesting transfer from another nursing program or advanced placement will be considered as
space is available. Applicants must pass skills evaluation for the specific level of admission. In addition to
the skills evaluation, advanced placement students must pass the standardized final written exam of the
course previous to the one they are testing into with a score of 80% or above. Test dates for the exam and
skill evaluation will be announced after application due dates.
LPNs seeking advanced placement are eligible to apply for NUR 130. Applicants must meet the following
prerequisite requirements: BIO 201, 202, ENG 101, 102, HCE 241, NUR 219 and provide a letter of
reference from their former nursing program or a work history statement reflecting the last five years of
employment. Advanced placement applicants who have not been actively employed in health care or
attended a nursing school within the last five years will not be considered for advanced placement
Additional information can be obtained from the EAC Nursing Office located in the Nursing Education
Center or by calling (928) 428-8396.
Application for Admission Revised July 2019
Nursing Program Application for Admission
Due by October 1
for January Admission and by March 1
for August Admission Consideration
Name Social Security # Date of Birth
Mailing Address City State Zip
Home phone: Cell Phone: E-mail
Applying for which campus(es): (Rank in priority order) Thatcher Globe Payson
Submit copies of documentation for the following requirements
1. ATI TEAS test date taken (Provide copy of test results)
2. EAC reading placement test score Date Taken
3. American Heart Association CPR Basic Life Support certification card, Expiration Date
4. AZ Licensed Nursing Assistant _ Expiration Date
Certification Number (must be a LNA number in good standing)
5. If LPN Advanced Placement: LPN License # Expiration Date
6. Background Screening at (use code EAST95A7)
7. DPS Level 1 Fingerprint Clearance Card
8. Prerequisite courses or equivalent CLEP tests with at least a grade of "C"
HCE 116 or Medical Dosage Score Grade ____ Date Completed ______ College ______________
CHM 130 or higher Grade ____ Date Completed ______ College ______________
PSY 101Intro to Psychology Grade ____ Date Completed ______ College ______________
MAT 100 or placement test Grade ____ Date Completed ______ College ______________
BIO 201 Anatomy & Physiology I Grade ____ Date Completed ______ College ______________
Co-requisite courses. (For courses in progress, must provide proof of status from instructors.)
Course Number and Title Grade Date Completed or check box
if In Progress
BIO 202 Anatomy & Physiology II College
BIO 205 Microbiology College
ENG 101 Written Communications I College
ENG 102 Written Communications II College
HCE/FCR 241 Nutrition College
HCE 240 Pathophysiology College
NUR 219 Pharmacology College
I certify that all the information provided by me is true, complete and accurate. I am responsible for provision of all requested information.
Failure to provide proper documentation may adversely affect my evaluation. I acknowledge that admission into the program is conditional
upon successfully completing all requirements.
Applicant’s Signature Date
Submit Application and documentation to: Nursing Office, Eastern Arizona College, 615 N. Stadium Ave Thatcher, AZ 85552
Eastern Arizona College is in compliance with Titles VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, and the Rehabilitation Act of
1973, does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, disability, age, or sex in any of its policies, practices, or procedures. This includes but is not
limited to admissions, employment, financial aid, educational services, programs, and activities.