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Name: ________________________________________ Phone: _________________________
Company: ____________________________________ Fax: ____________________________
Address: ______________________________________ Email: __________________________
Name: ________________________________________ Phone: _________________________
Company: ____________________________________ Fax: ____________________________
Address: ______________________________________ Email: __________________________
Property Owner
Name: ________________________________________ Phone: _________________________
Address: ______________________________________ Email: __________________________
Property Owner Signature:
X._________________________________________________ Date: _____________
If a legal representative signs for a property owner, please attach an executed power of attorney.
Proposal Information
Address (or location description): _________________________________________________
GPIN(s): _________________________________
Acreage: ____________ Zoning: __________
Deed Book and Page #: _________________
*Attach any existing zoning conditions
or proffers
T o w n o f A s h l a n d
Conditional Use
Permit (CUP)
Date: ________________
Case # and Name:
Department of Planning and Community Development
101 Thompson Street
Ashland, Virginia 23005
(804) 798-1073
fax: (804) 798-4892
$1,100 + $50 per acre or part thereof
Amount Paid: ______________________
Date: ______________________________
X. __________________________________
*No additional acreage fee if submitted
with rezoning application.
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Conditional Use Permit (CUP) Process
Prior to submitting a CUP application, the applicant is strongly encouraged to meet
with staff for a pre-application meeting by calling 804-798-1073.
An amendment to a previously approved CUP condition will also follow the process
described below.
This chart is not comprehensive, as
there are special procedures
which apply to certain zoning
districts. Please contact staff at
the Town of Ashland Planning
Department with any questions.
Application C ompletion
Sub mit applic at ion to Plann ing
Depa rt men t . Staff w ill review for
completi on. Applicant will be
notifi ed when de em ed co mpl et e.
Planning Comm ission
A pub lic heari ng is h el d. Staff will p res ent t heir
rec omm endat ion t o the Co mmi ssion, t hen the
applicant and oth er citizens may speak . The
Commi ssi on will vot e on a reco mmendati on to
the Town C ouncil . Plann ing Co mmi s sion m us t
rep ort a recomme n dat ion to council w ithin
100 days after the fi rst p ubl ic he aring .
Public hearing advertised in local paper and notices
sent to abutting property owners, per 15.2-2204
Sta ff Re view
Applic ation forwarded t o Tow n,
Coun t y an d othe r departments (if
nece ssary) for review. Com men ts
will be provided to app licant and
forw arded on to Plann in g
Commi ssi on. Staff will work with
the appli can t in drafting possibl e
condit ion s.
Town C ou nc il
A public hearin g is held. Appli can t may speak
on th ei r behalf . Staff pre se nt s applicati on and
rep ort ; Council r eviews an d pro vid es a final
ruli ng .
Rec ord at ion
A letter noting the outcome of the Town Council
hearing will be sent to the applicant. If approved,
finalized conditions will need to be signed and
notarized before recordation at the Hanover County
Public hearing advertised in local paper and notices
sent to abutting property owners, per 15.2-2204
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Proposal Description
Answer the following questions in the space provided below or attach a narrative
that addresses each question specifically.
1. Why are you applying for a conditional use permit (CUP)? (Reference section
of zoning ordinance)
2. What type of operations/business will occur? What improvement will be
made? Why is this location desirable?
3. How will you mitigate against any effects on surrounding properties (e.g.
traffic, light, sound, noise, visual landscaping, signage, stormwater, etc.)?
4. How is this conditional use permit compatible with the Comprehensive Plan?
*Although not required, submitting a sketch plan or other visual details for your
proposal is highly encouraged.
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Adjacent Property Information
Surrounding property owner information can be found by searching online for
Hanover County GIS and viewing parcel level ownership information.
GPIN (Parcel ID)
Owner name