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Health and Wellness Promotion (2440.HWP) Industrial Technology (583B.MET)
Information Technology (1492.INT) Sports and Leisure Studies (2874.SLS)
Teaching Assistant (1330.TEA)
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SUNY Erie Community College
Change of Curriculum Form
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Select a Campus:
Exercise Science (2440E)
Health Studies (2440H)
Cyber Security (1492C)
Management Information Systems (1492M)
Networking (1492N)
Programming (1492P)
Childhood Education (1330C)
Secondary Education (1330S)
Applied Technology (583PG)
Advanced Manufacturing CNC Machine Tools (583PC)
Sports and Leisure Studies (2874S)
Sports Management (2874C)
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Steps to Complete this Form
1. Please fill out the form completely. If you are applying for one of the programs listed below, you cannot use this form to
change your program and/or campus. You will need to fill out the online application at
Advanced Police Science (2079.APC)
Biotechnological Science (2436.BIM)
Clinical Laboratory Technician (2188.CLT)
Dental Assisting (1353.DNA)
Dental Hygiene (545.DHY)
Emergency Medical Technology: Paramedic (1293.EMP)
Emergency Medical Technology: Paramedic Certificate (2453A.EMT & 2453B.EMT)
Food Service Administration: Dietetic Technology (573.NDT)
Health Information Technology (1969.HIT)
Medical Assisting (1967.MOA)
Nursing (622.NUR)
Occupational Therapy Assistant (665.OTA)
Vision Care Technology (549.VIS)
Police Basic Training (1827.PBT)
Radiation Therapy Technology (669.RAD)
Respiratory Care (655.RES)
Non-Matriculated (909.NNM)
2. If you are changing your Catalog Year, you must have your advisor/department chair approve of the change. Campus and
major changes do not require advisor/department chair approval.
3. Submit the completed form to the Office of Admissions at the North or South campuses or to the Student Success Center at
the City campus.
4. You will receive a confirmation email in your ECC email account within 1-2 business days stating that your request has been