Appendix B
Classroom-Based Research Awards Program
Application Cover Sheet
2018 2021 CBA B-1
The current Pensacola State College faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement (15.05) provides that
full-time faculty may apply for educational research grants aimed at conducting research to identify
best practices for improving classroom instruction and student learning. All research proposals will
be scored on the responses provided to the five (5) components below in order to rate projects on a
20-point scale (a minimum score of 15 is required for approval). Project applications will be
forwarded to the Federal Programs & Grants Office for consideration by the College’s Institutional
Review Board processes prior to consideration by the committee. A one-time $1500 stipend will be
paid at the completion of approved projects. It is understood that the proposal development and data
analysis will take place outside of faculty member’s normal work hours.
Due Date: mid-term of spring semester for projects to be completed the next academic year.
Attach to this Cover Sheet a proposal of not more than 5 pages (double-spaced and 12 pt.
font) that addresses the following:
1. Topic Overview
Develop a paragraph to succinctly state the proposed
research topic.
2. Literature Review
In no more than one page, please summarize the
major findings from the literature that help to shape
your research focus, design and questions.
3. Problem Statement and
Research Questions
Present your problem statement and major research
questions to be addressed by the project.
4. Methodology, including
Data Collection and
Research Design
Describe how the classroom-based research will be
conducted. If multiple course sections will be
included in the project, how will you select the
sections and/or students to be included? If random
assignments will be made, how will this be
accomplished? If applicable, include a timeline.
5. Plan for Dissemination of
The ultimate purpose of the research project is to
improve the teaching-learning process at PSC. In
these final paragraphs, describe how you will
disseminate your findings to your PSC colleagues and
to the wider community college education community
and explain the implications for PSC teaching and
Total Points Possible