Appendix A Reconciliation Sheet for Technical Original Listing
Complete the following table with listed and unlisted share amounts. Use estimates where needed to account for
option exercises, etc. between the record date and the effectiveness of the split, dividend or substitution.
1. Shares issued and outstanding after the technical original event:
Listed Reserves previously approved by NYSE American
Include shares underlying stock option plans, warrants, or other convertible instruments that have been previously
approved by the NYSE American. Derivatives previously exercised (or partially exercised) should be netted out
since they are included in line 1.
Amount Before Technical Original
Amount After Technical Original
2. Total Listed Reserves after Technical Original:
3. Add lines 1 and line 2 together:
Unlisted Reserves not yet approved by NYSE American:
If the Company has not yet listed securities reserved for future issuance (e.g., shares underlying newly created
stock option plans, warrants or other convertible instruments), please complete the following table.
Amount Before
4. Total Unlisted Reserves after Technical Original:
5. Total authorized for issuance by the Company (add lines 3 and 4):