Appendix 3
Note: This will replace the current Library Authorization form.
In consideration of Mount Allison University (“Mount Allison”) agreeing to publish your thesis (the
“Thesis”), for which the degree is established below in a paper copy and electronic format as well
as for the making available of the Thesis via interlibrary loan as well as in-library use, you agree
as follows:
1. You hereby grant to Mount Allison a non-exclusive, worldwide, irrevocable, royalty-free
licence to reproduce, convert, publish, archive, communicate and distribute the Thesis, including
descriptive information, metadata and the Thesis abstract, in any format and in any medium for
non-commercial purposes for the full term of the copyright, including but not limited to the right to:
a. transmit the Thesis to the public by telecommunication, including via the Internet and
facsimile transmission;
b. publish the Thesis electronically on the Internet;
c. distribute the Thesis through the library, interlibrary and public loan;
d. digitize, photocopy and/or microfiche the Thesis; and
e. sub-licence or assign any of the rights granted above or otherwise authorize third
parties to perform such acts on Mount Allison’s behalf.
2. You confirm the following statements to be true and accurate:
a. you have the right and authority to grant the rights set out in this licence;
b. the Thesis is your original work and is an unchanged copy of the final version
approved by your review committee;
c. the Thesis does not infringe the copyright or other intellectual property rights of
any other person;
d. if the Thesis contains material to which you do not hold copyright and is not in the
public domain, then one or both of the following apply (in addition to the material being
clearly and appropriately identified and acknowledged):
i. each use of such copyrighted material complies with the “fair dealing”
provisions of the Copyright Act (Canada); and
ii. you have obtained and retained in your files a copy of the written
permission of the copyright owner(s) to include the work (or part
thereof, as the case may be) in your Thesis and to grant to Mount
Allison the rights set out in this licence;
e. the Thesis does not contain any confidential or proprietary information belonging to
others, other than information included under Section 2 subsection d, ii;
f. the Thesis does not contain any libelous or other unlawful matter and does not invade
the privacy of any person(s);
g. there are no unexpired publication delays on the distribution of the Thesis; and
h. the information you provide herein about the Thesis is accurate.
3. By signing this agreement you acknowledge and are aware that you retain your copyright
ownership and moral rights in the Thesis, and may deal with the copyright in the Thesis in any
way consistent with rights granted to Mount Allison in this licence. You promise to inform any
person to whom you may hereafter assign or licence the copyright in the Thesis of the rights
granted to Mount Allison in this licence. You agree that Mount Allison is not responsible for any
misuse of the Thesis by third parties who access the Thesis through Mount Allison’s facilities.
4. Normally the Library will catalogue a thesis and make it available to the public via the
online catalogue after receipt. However, in some circumstances such immediate release might
have harmful results for the author. In such cases the author may request that the Library withhold
it from public distribution for a period up to three years. Valid reasons for such a request include
a pending patent application that might be harmed by release of information or expected
publication of results in a journal. If such request is made, the Library will indicate in its
cataloguing record the date upon which the restriction will be lifted and no access/copying will be
allowed before that date without permission.
Therefore, all students submitting a thesis must choose one of the following options. If this form
is not completed the University will assume that there is no restriction.
I hereby authorize the making of copies of this thesis:
without restriction
with the restriction that until ______________________Department approval is
required (maximum period: three years from date of completion)
with the restriction that until ______________________the written approval of
the author is required (maximum period three years from date of completion)
5. This agreement once signed is irrevocable.
______________________________ __________________________
______________________________ __________________________
Note: If you have questions regarding this licence please contact the Mount Allison
University Libraries and Archives (506) 364-2563