Appeal for Admission and Readmission
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Which semester are you applying for admission/readmission? Spring (January) Summer (May) Fall (September)
Have you made a previous appeal for admission/readmission? Yes - When? _______________________ No
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Which courses would you like to register in if your request for admission/readmission is granted?
Appeal for Readmission
Review Policy E2008, then select one of the following options and submit the requested documentation along with this
form. The deadline for submiing an appeal for readmission is four weeks prior to the first day of the semester.
Early readmission from First Academic Suspension, on the basis of an academic success plan
Aach official documentation that verifies you have successfully completed the Langara Return to Learning (LRTL)
course with a minimum 75% grade. Visit the Academic Suspension page for more information.
Request to review appropriateness of Academic Suspension based on evidence of extenuating circumstances
Aach a detailed leer explaining extenuating circumstances beyond your control that significantly impacted your
ability to meet the Minimum Academic Standard. Aach official, bona fide documentation from an appropriate
professional (e.g. a physician who is registered with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC) that verifies
the extenuating circumstances. Before submiing an appeal under this option, review Policy E2011 to determine
whether an appeal for retroactive course withdrawal may be more appropriate for you.
Readmission from Second or Third Academic Suspension
Aach a detailed leer explaining the reasons you did not meet the Minimum Academic Standard, the steps you have
taken to ensure you can now meet the Minimum Academic Standard, all academic upgrading initiatives you have
pursued and courses you have taken elsewhere during the stand-out period, and a summary of your educational
goals. Your leer must include official transcripts of all courses taken elsewhere during the stand-out period and any
supporting documentation that confirms the information you state in your leer.
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CATEGORIES OF APPEAL (Please check one of the following and attach the requested documents.)
Student's signature Date signed (YYYY/MM/DD)
Appeal for Concurrent Studies Admission (for current BC Grade 12 students with at least a “B” average in academic
courses in their Grade 11 year.)
Please aach an application for admission co-signed by your parent or legal guardian, the application fee ($40.00) in
first term, leer of support from your secondary school principal or delegate, and an official copy of your transcript of
secondary courses completed to date. Applicants under this category must appeal for each semester they wish to aend.
Petition for special consideration not covered in above categories:
Please aach a leer detailing the reasons why you should be considered for admission/readmission. Include supporting
documents if applicable.
Langara College collects your personal information under the authority of the College and Institute Act [RSBC 1996, Chapter 52,
Section 41.1] for the purpose of processing your request, and in compliance with the provisions of the Freedom of Information
and Protection of Privacy Act [RSBC 1996, Chapter 165, Section 33.1]. For questions about the collection, use, and disclosure of your
personal information, contact Registrar & Enrolment Services at 604.323.5225.
By signing this document, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the information provided on this form, and I certify all my
statements and supporting documents are true and complete. I understand that evidence of falsified documents or misrepresentation
will result in cancellation of my admission or registration, and I authorize Langara College to verify any information provided as part
of this application.
Appeal for admission/readmission granted:
Yes No
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Letter of notification sent on: By:
Appeal for Conditional Admission (for BC Grade 12 students):
BC Secondary school students who are under 19 years of age who will not graduate from secondary school because
they are missing only one course and are registered in the missing course may apply for conditional admission. To be
considered for conditional admission, students must submit this form and ensure that the following information is
received by the Registrar & Enrolment Services:
1. Students must have completed the online PSI Selections form and indicated that their transcript be sent electronically
to Langara College and their PEN must be on file at the College. An official Ministry of Education paper transcript must
be submied if grades are not received electronically.
2. Students must submit an interim transcript of the course that they are completing with a minimum 60% grade.
Students who have registered for Langara course before their final secondary school grades arrive, must complete this
form and submit the necessary documentation in order to maintain their course registration. For the September semester,
this form and supporting documentations must be received in the Registrar & Enrolment Services before July 31. Those
students who have not graduated and have not been approved for conditional admission will be removed from any
courses they have registered for.
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