Satisfactory Academic Progress
Appeal Form
Instructions: Complete this form and all requirements listed below if you wish to appeal for reinstatement
following suspension from Ridgewater or for initial admission if on academic suspension at another institution.
Your appeal will be reviewed by the Director of Financial Aid. You will be notified, in writing, of a decision within
30 business days after the date your appeal is received.
Full Name: Student ID# (or Star ID):
City: State: Zip:
Home Phone: Cell Phone:
Work Phone: Email Address:
Yes No Are you suspended from Ridgewater College?
Yes No Are you suspended from another college? If yes, which college(s)?
Upcoming term you wish to attend: Fall Spring Summer Year
Campus you wish to attend: Hutchinson Willmar Online Only
Previous program/major:
Program/Major you wish to enter/re-enter:
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Are you currently a high school student attending under the Post-Secondary Enrollment
Options (PSEO) program?
I have special circumstances that prevented me from achieving good academic standing (check all that apply):
Personal problems (death or serious illness of an immediate family member, relationship and/or family
issues, etc.)
Psychological and/or physical health issues
Other circumstances beyond my control (Briefly explain below)
Your letter of appeal should be typed and answer the following questions:
1. What were the circumstances that prevented you from meeting satisfactory academic progress standards?
Explain, in detail.
2. What has changed in your life to allow you to be successful at Ridgewater College?
3. In what way were you responsible for your academic difficulties? Explain.
4. If you were not enrolled at Ridgewater last semester, what have you been doing since your dismissal that
supports your reinstatement request?
5. What are your academic strengths and your academic challenges? Please describe.
6. What is your plan for academic success if your appeal is granted? (i.e. time management schedule, college
services/resources you are going to utilize).
STEP 3: GATHER DOCUMENTATION (do not attach documents needing to be returned)
I have included the following documentation (i.e. statement from medical facility, obituary, etc.)
showing the extenuating circumstances, I faced while in school:
I agree with the following:
1. * The information included in this appeal is complete and correct, to the best of my knowledge.
* Achieve an acceptable GPA AND Completion rate of my courses until my GPA and completion rate are at or
above good academic standing, otherwise I will again be suspended from college.
3. * I accept full responsibility for my academic success and my financial obligations to Ridgewater College.
Student Signature Date