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Revised 3/7/16
Financial Aid- Academic Success Plan
Name (Last, First): _________________________________________AACC Student ID#_______________________
Step 1: To be completed by the student before the advising appointment. CRI Code: yrSAPASP
1. List all previously attended institutions: ____________________________________________________________
(***All official transcripts must be provided to the Records Office to be evaluated for transfer credits.)
2. Do you have any prior degrees or certificates? No Yes
If yes, list: _____________________________________________________________________________________
3. What AACC Associate’s Degree or Certificate Program(s) are you currently pursuing?
(If this program does not match the program listed in MyAACC, we could deny your appeal.)
4. Print and attach
a “Program Evaluation” for your current academic program(s). (See reverse side for instructions)
Step 2: To be completed during the advising session.
1. Based on my advising session, I have agreed to use the following academic support services:
Writing Lab Reading Lab Math Lab Science Lab Accounting Lab Peer Tutoring
Student Success Workshops Supplemental Instruction Online Tutoring Other _____________________
2. Upon successful completion of each required developmental course, I agree to register in the subsequent course
in sequence:
Developmental course(s)
for current term:
Developmental course(s)
for next term:
Developmental course(s)
for future term:
3. I agree to: (Initial next to each statement)
_____ Register appropriately, considering my personal situation, including my work schedule and other personal
obligations, taking no more than ______ credits.
_____ Focus on completing all developmental courses, as advised by my advisor.
_____ Take only courses that fulfill unmet requirements for my major as indicated on the attached program evaluation.
_____ Follow the academic plan and recommendations of my academic advisor.
_____ Meet with an academic advisor to develop a new plan if I decide to change my program of study.
I certify that the program on my academic profile/plan is accurate. I have reviewed the program requirements with my academic
advisor and developed a realistic plan to complete my program of study. I understand that failing to follow this academic plan
and/or the recommendations of my advisor will negatively affect my financial aid eligibility for future semesters.
Student’s Signature Date
Office Use Only
Advisor’s Initials Date
Special Instructions
To print a “Program Evaluation” for your current academic program(s).
Login to MyAACC at
Click on the ''Self Services'' tab, then choose ''Credit Students.''
Under the ''Academic Profile'' section, choose “Evaluate Program Progress.”
If the evaluation option does not list the program that you are currently pursuing, you must correct it using the
“Program/Curriculum Change” option from the “Academic Profile” section.
If you are seeking admission into a program that has Special Admissions Requirements, please print and attach a
copy of the program requirements to this Academic Success Plan. Program requirements can be found in our
College Catalog or on the AACC Website at
AACC Student ID Required
An AACC- issued ID number is required to sign in for advising sessions. Social Security numbers cannot be accepted.
Students are required to present an AACC Student ID Card to receive information regarding the status of their financial
aid application/process. An AACC Student ID Card can be made at the College Bookstore 24 hours after you register for
To have a card made, students will need a driver's license or other valid government-issued picture ID for verification
purposes, and a copy of your current registration bill.
For more information on AACC ID Cards please visit:
Notice of Nondiscrimination: AACC is an equal opportunity, affirmative action, Title IX, ADA Title 504 compliant institution. Call Disability Support Services, 410-
777-2306 or Maryland Relay 711, 72 hours in advance to request most accommodations. Requests for sign language interpreters, alternative format books or assistive
technology require 30 days’ notice. For information on AACC’s compliance and complaints concerning sexual assault, sexual misconduct, discrimination or
harassment, contact the federal compliance officer and Title IX coordinator at 410-777-1239, or Maryland Relay 711.