Angel Investing Cheat Sheet
The Essentials Checklist
Does the company currently have revenue OR
does the founder have a proven track record?
Does the company have a unique advantage
over competitors?
Is the total addressable market (TAM) over
$1 billion?
Is the company scalable?
Company Name
The People
What key hires does the company need to make?
Who are the influential investors and advisors?
The Product or Service
Does the company have intellectual property?
What market need does the product/service address?
At what stage of development is the product/service?
The Financial Future
How will the company use the funds they hope
to raise?
If successful, how much runway will this
raise provide?
The Deal
What type of oering is the company using?
(e.g. Reg CF)
On what date does the deal close?
How much money is the company raising?
The Competition
Who are the company’s main competitors?
What is the company’s unfair advantage over
its competitors?
Backstage Capital
Backstage Capital competes with other venture capital
firms that fund early-stage businesses. There are also
emerging competitors who focused on investing in female
founders, people of color, and members of the LGBTQ+
Backstage Capital's competitive advantages
include broad press and social media exposure,
high-profile limited partners, and its tenacious
leadership team.
Backstage Capital does not need to make any
immediate key hires.
Backstage Capital's fund includes a number of
high-profile investors, including Marc Andreessen,
Stewart Butterfield, Heather Hiles, Ellen Pao, and
The company does not own any issued patents, but it
considers its investment selection processes to be
If the maximum is raised, Backstage will use 6% for
Intermediary Fees, 60% for Operations, 30% for
Debt & Reimbursements, and 4% for Miscellaneous.
Further details are provided in the Form C.
Backstage Capital invests in underestimated
founders who are people of color, female, and
Backstage Capital has invested $12M+ in more
than 160 companies.
Backstage Capital LLC relies on its parent
company to sustain operations.
Regulation CF
May 1, 2021