Anatomy of Your Paragraph
The following is a suggested format you may follow to develop your paragraphs fully, and can help you distinguish
between a fact and an idea/interpretation.
Used properly, this scheme should enable you to form your high-quality thoughts into a more cohesive analysis.
Paragraph 1:
Main idea (The controlling, large idea of the entire paragraph that fits into your thesis) >
1st Main Point (One way in which you can develop your main idea that answers "why" or "how" concerning
your main idea) >
Concrete Detail (This offers an example or "concrete proof" defending your main point. Start if off with a short
introduction, like: "As Sam Roberts explains, "Complex carbs offer much more to the body than just carbs" (23).
Analysis (This probes into the detail and explains to your reader why your concrete detail is significant. You
must show a connection between your concrete detail and your main point, which might take more than a single
sentence) >
Conclusive Sentence (This should tie up your paragraph, giving the reader the impression that you are ready
to move on to other issues that will develop your main idea) >