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Sacramento State
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Currently Enrolled Sac State Students
Currently Enrolled CSU Students
(with proof of enrollment)
Sac State Alumni
Career Center services include: Drop-in services, career
counseling follow-up appointments, Handshake;
Career Assessments, the On-Campus Interview Program,
Practice for Interviews, and all Career Center events.
CSU System
CSU Alumni who have received their
degree from any CSU
CSU Alumni must submit a letter of
reciprocity from the career center of
their graduating institution
This package includes one initial drop-in orientation session and
(5) career counseling follow-up appointments, Handshake;
Career Assessments, the On-Campus Interview Program, and
Practice for Interviews, and all Career Center events. This
package is good for (1) year and is non refundable, non
renewable, and not prorated.
Thank you for your interest in the Career Center’s services and programs available to Sacramento State and CSU alumni. The Career
Center reserves the right from time to time, as well as on a case by case basis, to modify one or more of the alumni services and/or
packages/policies impacting alumni. The continued use of alumni services after modifications indicates your acceptance of the
modification and the applicability of the alumni policy. In addition, your use of alumni services indicates you accept the terms herein
and agree to abide by them. You understand and agree that the alumni service is
provided "as-is"
that California State University,
Sacramento and the Career Center assume no responsibility for any outcomes of services received.
CSU Alumni Members are entitled to the following services:
Career Center Events: Attend any or all of the fall and spring career events that may include Resume
Review, Engineering Career Fair (ECS event), Career Fair, Education and Social Impact Fair, Pathways to
Public Service, Internship Fair.
Workshop Series, Panels and Events: Attend presentations focusing on a specific employer, or on a specific
topic, industry, college, or field. Lecture events and panels are posted on Handshake and our website.
Drop-in Services: Attend a 15-20 minute Session with Career Counseling staff who will assist alumni and
make referrals to Career Center, campus, and/or community services/resources as needed.
Follow-up Career Counseling Appointments: Participate in up to five 50-minute appointments with a career
counselor per calendar year. Services include, but are not limited to, life transitions; discovering meaningful
work; decision-making and goal setting; assessment of skills, values, and interests; creating work/life
balance; educational planning; overcoming obstacles to achieving life/career goals; job search strategies;
resume writing; and interviewing techniques.
Career Resources: Utilize our career resources with information by industry, major, and interest area.
Information on exploring careers, resumes and cover letters, interviews, job search resources, and
internships are available on our Career Center Webiste
Career Information Center: Access 5 workstations with Internet access to education, career, and job search-
related information.
Career Center Handouts and Booklets: Pick-up numerous job search related handouts and resources. Our
Career Center Website, is an excellent resource for information
on our services and programs, including upcoming events.
On-campus Interviews: Participate in the On-campus Interview Program on a second priority basis. The
program offers interviews conducted in the Career Center by employers throughout the fall and spring
Handshake: Access our online job posting database that includes full-time, part-time, internship, and
cooperative education positions. Search by key word, major, or employer name. Also, there are Career
Center events and workshops posted on Handshake as well.
o Handshake registration instructions: Go to Career Center Website
career-center/ Click “Handshake”. Choose to sign in with your email. For assistance email
Practice for Interview Sessions: Practice your interview skills with Big Interview or with a career counselor
for graduate and professional school interviews and employment-related interviews. Each practice for
interview session counts toward your 5 visits per year.
CSU Alumni Career Services Fee Form
1. Show proof of alumni status from another CSU; i.e., letter of reciprocity, a CSU diploma/transcript to Career Center.
2. Complete the Alumni Services Fee Form below and present it with payment to the Bursar's Office.
3. Return the receipted copies of the form and proof of Alumni status to the Career Center to obtain an Alumni
Services account for Handshake and Career Services, valid for one year.
$75.00 California State University Alumni-System
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Telephone (including Area Code): ___________________________________________
Email: ___________________________________________
CSU Campus: _________________________________________________________________
Date Requested: ______________________________________________________________
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For Cashier’s Use only: The above fee is to be credited to the Alumni Fee Account as follows:
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