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Alternate Driver Car Release Order
Use this form when you will be traveling on University business and, while not the primary driver of a University vehicle, you need
approval to be an alternate driver of the vehicle, if necessary.
Type of vehicle requested
Driver's Name Driver's office phone
Driver's license expiration date State of Issue Car Pool staff initials
Driver must present, in person, their actual driver's license for inspection when picking up the vehicle. No exceptions.
Vehicle destination
Business purpose for travel
Pick-up Date and Time Return Date and Time
Requested Period Needed
Requested Vehicle Information
Driver Information
Driver Certification
Driver's Initials
I hereby certify that:
I am licensed to operate motor vehicles in the State of Illinois; and I will comply with all applicable traffic laws
and University of Illinois rules, regulations, policies, and procedures, as listed on the revers, including the "No
Personal Use" provision. I understand I am required to report auto accidents immediately to my campus
transportation Facility regardless of whether I am still in travel status within one day of the incident, or the
next business day following a weekend and/or University holiday.
Driver's Signature
Department Information
Chart* Fund* Org* Account* Program* Activity Location Amount
* Required Fields
Unit Executive Officer Approval
Department Name
Department Code
Department Phone Number
Transportation Office Use Only
Car Number Issued
Mileage Date ITL
Reservation Number
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Rev 6/2015
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Rental of a University Vehicle
The document on the reverse demonstrates that the named individual is authorized to operate the University of Illinois motor vehicle
indicated on this form. Questions regarding the ownership of the vehicle should be directed to the appropriate campus transportation
office at the University of Illinois. This is a vehicle owned by the State of Illinois and is covered under the State of Illinois Self-Insured
Motor Vehicle Liability Plan established pursuant to Illinois law - ILCS 405/405-105(7). This Plan continues in effect indefinitely and
provides a liability limit of $2,000,000 per single occurrence. The Division of Risk Management, 201 E. Madison, Suite 3-C, PO Box 19208,
Springfield, IL 62794-9208 is the Plan administrator. Their phone number is 1-800-442-1300.
Approved Use
In accordance with Ch. 1, Section 5040.350 of the Illinois Administrative Code, University motor vehicles shall only be used for public
purposes and in the best interest of the State, and when authorized in writing by the President of the University, or approved designee.
The following individuals are authorized to drive University motor vehicles in accordance with University and State policies:
- Full-time and part-time employees of the University, including student employees operating a University motor vehicle as a part
of their University duties.
- Students who are designated as official representatives of the University at various functions (that is, legislative hearings, Board
of Trustees meetings, meetings of the State Board of Higher Education and similar meetings) when necessary to perform official
University responsibilities.
Students are not authorized to drive a University motor vehicle, unless they fall into the categories above.
- In limited circumstances, individuals who are not University employees, but only when they are working at the direction of and
for the benefit of the University, and who have been authorized, in advance, by the Senior Associate Vice President for Business
and Finance or Chancellor's representative.
- Student organizations may not authorized the use of University motor vehicles. Departments may not authorize the use of
University motor vehicles on behalf of a student organization unless the Senior Associate Vice President for Business and
Finance or Chancellor's representative has given prior written approval. In these circumstances, a commercially insured motor
pool vehicle must be obtained to ensure there is commercial liability protection. Regardless, the vehicle must be for the benefit
of the University, and must be driven by an employee or student employee. IF there are questions regarding approved use,
please refer to Business and Financial Policies and Procedures section 15.
The driver to whom a University passenger vehicle is authorized to drive will:
- Ensure the vehicle is used only for University Business, not personal business
- Provide a completed, signed Care Release Order prior to receiving a University vehicle.
- Present a valid driver's license to be inspected prior to receiving the passenger vehicle. All drivers are subject to this
- Provide a completed signed milage card at the end of the trip and return the vehicle keys. (Charges continue until this is
- Operate the vehicle safely, and in accordance with University policy, until it is returned to the Transportation Facility.
- Report accidents as required by law and University procedures. Reports must be made to the Transportation Facility
within one day of the incident or the next business day following a weekend and/or University holiday. The driver must
report the accident even if s/he is still in travel status. If the driver is unable to make the report his/her immediate
supervisor must.
- Report any mechanical problems with the passenger vehicle to the Transportation Facility.
- Limit passengers of a University passenger vehicle to employees, others on University business, official guests, students and
individuals to whom the University wished to extend a courtesy. This ensures that the use of the vehicle is in accordance with
University policy and CMS guidelines. Refer to Business and Financial Policies and Procedure, Section 15.
- Observe all traffic regulations. Any citations received are the responsibility of the driver.
- Arrange for the security of passenger vehicles.
- Ensure all drivers and passengers use the installed safety belts.
- Limit use of credit cards to purpose described under "Expenses of Operations" in Business and Financial Policies and Procedures.
The driver to whom a University passenger vehicle is released is not responsible for:
- Liability insurance provided the vehicle is used for authorized business use.
- Expense of upkeep and operation, or cost of repairs for collision damage, subject to the conditions and deductibles in effect
under university policies.
- Theft of passenger vehicle if the driver has taken reasonable care for its security.
- Personal property belonging to the driver and/or occupants is the responsibility of the individuals(s) in the vehicle. Neither the
University nor the State of Illinois provides any insurance coverage for personal property.
Personal use of vehicles:
No personal use of University vehicles is permitted. stopping for lunch between business trips, reasonable deviation from the direct route
to reach hotels, restaurants, etc., during the normal course of conducting University business is an extension of business use and is not
considered personal use. Commuting to and from home is not permitted. However, employees may use vehicles between home and
their place of work if, for example, they are beginning or ending a trip at home due to the hour of arrival or departure.