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Alpena Community College
Medical Assistant Program Application
The Medical Assistant Program at Alpena Community College is a program accredited through the Commission
on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP). This accreditation allows graduates of our
program to sit for the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) Certification exam to become a
certified medical assistant. Students need to turn this application in to a program advisor, receive advising
for class scheduling, and obtain a program handbook before being registered for classes.
Medical assisting is one of the nation’s fastest growing careers according to the United States Bureau of Labor
Statistics. Medical assistants are trained for both administrative and clinical duties in physicians’ offices and
clinics. Some of the duties are listed below:
Administrative duties may include...
Using EHR and practice management software
Answering telephones
Assisting patients
Maintaining patient medical records
Scheduling appointments
Arranging for hospital admissions and laboratory
Handling correspondence, billing, and bookkeeping
Clinical duties vary according to state law and include...
Taking medical histories
Explaining treatment procedures to patients
Preparing patients for examination
Assisting the physician during the exam
Collecting and preparing laboratory specimens
Performing basic laboratory tests
Instructing patients about medication and special
Preparing and administering medications as directed
by a physician
Authorizing prescription refills as directed
Drawing blood
Taking electrocardiograms
Removing sutures and changing dressings
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Acceptance in the Medical Assistant program is by application and a meeting with the program director.
Students must have reading, English, and mathematic ability levels indicative of success in the program courses
in order to start the program. Retention in the program is determined by grade point in occupational specialty
courses, competency completion, successful practicum experiences, and adherence to HIPAA regulations.
At the beginning of the semester in which the student will complete the administrative classes, the student must
meet with the program director for a program evaluation to initiate application to BIS 220. Classes for the
Medical Assistant Program need to be taken in a prescribed order. Students must successfully complete the
occupational specialty courses with a grade of 2.0 or higher in each course before registering for the first
internship class.
BIS 220 is the internship class for the administrative portion of the program. Students register and pay for this
class as with any other class, and ACC personnel will establish a placement at a clinic or physician’s office for
the student. While ACC will work to find a placement close to the student’s home, we cannot guarantee this.
Travel may be required and will be at the student’s expense. Students are not allowed to receive remuneration
for the time spent for internship.
Students must meet with their advisor to request registration for BIS 220 at which time an evaluation with be
performed to establish whether or not the student may register for the internship..
Year 1 Semester 1
BIS 160 Medical Terminology
BIS 159 Medical Office Administrative Seminar
CIS 120 Introduction to Microcomputers
ENG 111 English
PSY 101 General Psychology
Year 1 Semester 2
BIO 110 Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology
BIO 110 Lab
BIS 169 Practice Management Software
ENG 112 English
PEH 264 Community First Aid/Cpr/Aed
Year 1 Summer Semester
BIS 220 Medical Office Administrative Seminar
PLS 221 Political Science
Year 2 Semester 1
MED 221 Medical Assistant Clinical Seminar
MED 222 Medication Administration
MED 223 Medical Assistant Clinical Lab
Year 2 Semester 2
MED 224 Medical Assistant Clinical Practice
MED 225 Medical Conditions and Procedures
MED 226 Medical Assistant Certification Test Prep
Completion of necessary prerequisites to classes will require additional time for attainment of the associate
Students must complete 100% of the competencies required for the program in order to complete the degree
regardless of course grade achieved. Competencies missed in a course will need to be made up by retaking the
course before the student may proceed with internships – BIS 220 and MED 224.
My signature on this document indicates that I have read and understand the requirements for the Medical
Assistant Program.
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Please return application to Kimberly Salziger in BTC 109A
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