All proposed modifications of undergraduate and/or graduate courses, except for minor changes, must
be reviewed by the Curriculum Committee or the Graduate Council, as appropriate. Modifications that
affect more than one department or program must carry all appropriate departmental signatures.
Minor changes to undergraduate and/or graduate courses, including, but not limited to, scheduling or editorial
changes in title or description, should be submitted for informational purposes to the Curriculum Committee
and/or the Graduate Council as a list over the signature of the department chairperson or program director.
1. Department/Program: _______________________________________________________________
2. Contact person (if other than Department chair):
3. Is this a proposal for a new course? Yes No
If yes, please attach a syllabus that includes the course objectives, the course requirements, the
grading criteria, the recommended texts and required reading, and the topic outline.
If No, note here the course number and Catalog page:
If No, indicate the changes being proposed. Please “X all that apply:
Course Number
Number of credits
4. How many credits will be awarded for this course? 1 2 3 4. If the course is being
changed from 3-credits to 4-credits, please justify this change.
5. Please give the following information as you wish it to appear in the Catalog:
Prefix and level (e.g., ENGL 2XX, etc.):
Title for Transcript (20 character/space limit or less):
Prerequisites (courses numbered 300 and above should have prerequisites)
Proposal to Curriculum Committee/Graduate Council
For New Courses and Modification to Existing Courses
April 2018
Description (as it will appear in the next Catalog):
6. What is the rationale for this change and how does it relate to department/program and/or
College goals?
7. If this is an undergraduate course, will this course satisfy Core Curriculum requirements?
Yes No
If yes, you must also fill out the Addendum to Curriculum Materials Evaluation of Core Courses.
8. Is this a double-numbered course? Yes No
If yes, provide distinct course requirements and performance expectations for undergraduate students
enrolled in the course.
If yes, provide the distinct course requirements and performance expectations for graduate students
enrolled in the course.
9. Semester/year offered: Starting year: 20
Credit type: (e.g., S/U, letter grade)
Special fee: Enrollment limit:
How frequently will the course be offered?
10. How will the proposed change affect the 3-year course projections your department/program
11. What additional resources (faculty, course contracts, equipment, supplies, facilities,
transportation, library resources) will be required to offer the course according to the schedule
12. Please list all major or minor programs that require or recommend this course. Indicate their
response to this proposal.
This proposal has been discussed with all departments or programs affected, unless otherwise
noted, as indicated by the signatures below. It is the responsibility of the party submitting the
proposal to include all comments from the affected departments or programs concerning the
proposal. The party submitting the proposal should provide information regarding how these
concerns might be addressed.
Signature of Department Chairperson(s):
Signature of Program Director(s), if applicable:
Proposals for Graduate Courses must be approved by the Dean of the Graduate School.
Signature of the Dean of the Graduate School:
Proposals involving personnel, enrollment, or budgetary implications must be approved by the
Provost, whose signature below indicates approval on those grounds.
Signature of the Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs:
Please submit one electronic copy of this form (and syllabus, if required) to the Secretary of the
Curriculum Committee for undergraduate courses, to the Dean of the Graduate School for the
graduate courses, and to both for double numbered courses. Also submit a signed copy to the
Secretary and/or Dean, as appropriate.