Common Consumption Area Permit Application and Diagram
Organization Name or Individual Applicant Name FEIN/SSN
The above named applicant, does hereby make application for a Common Consumption Area Permit to allow possession
and consumption of alcoholic beverages in the designated area. In making this application, the above named Common
Consumption Area permit holder agrees that:
a. It is liable for violations that occur within the boundaries of the common consumption area. However, licensees within
a common consumption area shall be liable for violations of all liquor laws governing the sale and consumption of
alcoholic liquor that occurs on the licensee’s premises.
b. It will not allow any person to remove any open container of alcoholic liquor from the boundaries of the common
consumptions area.
c. It will abide by all the provisions of the Kansas Liquor Control Act and the Rules and Regulations promulgated
d. It will abide by all the provisions of the ordinance or resolution.
e. It will display the C ommon Consumption Area P ermit on the pe rmitted premises.
SECTION 2 – COMMON CONSUMPTION AREA DIAGRAM: Check the appropriate box. The diagram must
show your licensed premise and the boundaries of the proposed permitted area.
Check one: Diagram drawn 8½” X 11” drawing attached
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