Albany State University
Non-Student Minors Checklist
Third Party events
Did you ensure that ……..
P32/P32A/P32T completed and submitted to Events
Approval received for program/camp/event
Approval for offering camp/event/program completed
and signed if sponsor/director is an ASU employee
Facility use requested and confirmation received from
ASU Protection of Non-Student Minors
Camp/Event/Program Manual received
Rental agreement signed
Certificate of Liability Insurance (COLI) submitted to
Events Office
DECAL certificate submitted to Events Office
Parking permits are issued as needed for employees,
volunteers and campers if applicable.
Locater List completed and submitted to ASU PD
Post Event Summary form is completed and
submitted to the Events Office
Use this checklist audit compliance with the Protection of
Non-Student Minors Policy set forth by ASU, the USG and BOR.