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Harold Johnston
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Medical and Behavioral Healthcare
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Physician, LCSW, LPC, NP, PT, RN, and Psychologist
Prov-Anchorage, Prov-Mat-Su, Prov-Kodiak and Prov-Valdez
Anchorage, Gulf Coast, Mat-Su & Statewide
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Need for SHARP-3
Sharp has been an outstanding benefit to us in recruiting
much-needed providers. Without SHARP we would have lost a
psychiatrist this year. Psychiatrists are among the most difficult to
recruit providers in Alaska. SHARP has been a resounding
success, and should continue and expand. Without it Alaska will
further erode our ability to recruit and retain providers.
SHARP 3 is essential for us to be able to continue recruitment of providers.
Primary care in rural areas, including Valdez and Kodiak are very challenging
recruitments. Loan repayment under the SHARP 3 program will have a marked
effect on improving recruitment and retention. Many businesses are prepared to
invest in loan repayment, if they can get the support offered by SHARP 3.
Providence and the Alaska Family Medicine Residency strongly support the
development of SHARP 3.