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Despite producing many home-grown RNs and APRNs, Alaska faces continual
difficulties in recruitment & retention of our healthcare workforce, especially in
rural and remote communities. SHARP 1 and SHARP 2 programs have been
successful in awarding 48 contracts to nurses to work in areas of extreme need
by providing financial incentives through student loan repayment, thus increasing
access to healthcare across our state. Many nurses, who would not have
otherwise worked in remote Alaska, enjoy their experience and stay, becoming
part of the community permanently. SHARP provides strong incentive to work in
these areas with people that greatly need their nursing expertise.
Alaska's population is rapidly aging and experiencing rising rates of chronic
disease. At the same time, our healthcare workforce shortage continues to
increase, and RNs and APRNs are burdened by substantial educational debt.
SHARP-3 is critically needed to continue to place nurses in under-served areas
of our state. The need is great for nurses to work in our remote healthcare clinics
and hospitals, and that need is ever-increasing. With a focus on recruitment and
retention, the benefits of SHARP-3 will greatly impact the health and welfare of
communities statewide, building community-level investment and ownership,
increasing access to healthcare services, and producing positive health
outcomes in our communities.