Alaska’s SHARP Program
SHARP Council Member Statement
AK Department of Corrections
Laura Brooks
Ex-Officio Member
Medical, Dental & Behavioral Health
Correctional Facilities
RN Nurse, LPC
Spring Creek Prison, Anchorage CC, DJJ-Bethel
Anchorage, Gulf Coast & Statewide
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Experience Thus Far
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SHARP’s Success To-Date
Need for SHARP-3
The Sharp program has helped the Department of Corrections recruit and retain
five (1 complete contract and 4 active contracts) in the Sharp program. We
have also had a number of other employees apply or express interest in
applying for the Sharp program. This program has been an integral part of our
recruitment and retention efforts in the Provider, Nursing, Dental, and Mental
Health fields.
The Department of Corrections is interested in expanding into the Sharp 3
program in order to continue to partner with Health & Social Services and
community supporters in our recruitment efforts. Without the support of the
Sharp program the DOC would not be able to offer student loan repayment
opportunities to our employees. The department has difficulty recruiting due to
the national shortages and challenges of working with a vulnerable and
underserved population. This program would help DOC continue to
competitively recruit highly qualified staff to provide quality care to individuals
during incarceration. Providing care to this population is important for the
overall health within Alaska’s communities.