To be completed by the county auditor prior to mailing:
County Tax year Real property Manufactured or mobile home
Taxing district and parcel or registration number
Owner(s) as shown on the tax list
Homestead address
Instructions to Homestead Recipient
You must report any changes each year that would affect your homestead exemption on this form. If any have
occurred, complete this form and return it to the county auditor by December 31
for real property and manufactured or
mobile homes.
*******If no changes have occurred, you do not have to return this form********
Check any of the following changes in your eligibility status that apply:
The property described above is no longer the owners principal place of residence.
There has been a change in the ownership of the property.
New owner(s)
The owners disability status has changed.
The owner qualies as a veteran with a service-connected disability with a total disability rating for compensation follow-
ing a determination of individual unemployability and either the rating or the determination has changed.
The owner qualies as a veteran with a service-connected disability, and the veteran’s service-connected disability or
combination of service-connected disabilities rating has changed.
The owner has died.
Name of decedent Date of death
Name of surviving spouse Spouse’s age on date of death
The property is in a revocable inter vivos trust and there has been a change thereto or a revocation thereof.
The owner qualied under Ohio Revised Code section 323.152(A)(1)(b)(iii). (Income Verication) and total income has changed.
Total income
Owners Social Security # Spouse’s Social Security #
I declare under penalty of perjury that I have examined this application, and to the best of my knowledge and belief,
it is true, correct and complete.
Signature of owner Date
Mailing address
Applicant’s daytime phone number Applicant’s e-mail address
DTE 105B
Rev. 10/19
Continuing Application for Homestead Exemption
File with the county auditor no later than December 31 for real property and for manufac-
tured or mobile homes only if changes in your eligibility status have occurred.
110 Central Plz S, Suite 220
Canton, Ohio 44702
(330) 451-7323
Alan Harold
Stark County Auditor
**See below for return form options
**Return the form via EMAIL to
via FAX to (330) 451-7630
via MAIL to Stark County Auditor, 110 Central Pl S, Suite 220, Canton OH 44702
(Only check the box if one of the owners were deceased in the past calendar year)
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