Alabama State University
The Harold Lloyd Murphy Graduate School
P.O. Box 271
Montgomery, AL 36101
To be eligible to change residence status, a student must be a citizen of the United States, prove
full-time employment within the State of Alabama, provide evidence of having filed an Alabama
tax return as a resident of the State of Alabama, provide Alabama drivers’ license, and prove
continuous residence in the state for a purpose other than attending school. Continuous
residence in the state may be substantiated by meeting a combination of three of the following:
A. Ownership of residential property and other real property in the State of Alabama.
B. Previous periods of residence in the state continuing for one year or more other than a full-time
C. Voter registration and voting in the state, more significantly, continuing voter registration in the
state that initially occurred at least one year prior to the initial registration of the student in
Alabama at a public institution of higher education.
D. Possession of a state or local license to do business or practice a profession in the State of
E. In-state address shown on selective service registration, driver’s license, automobile title
registration, hunting and fishing licenses, insurance policies, stock and bond registration, last
will and testament, annuities, or retirement plans.
Burden of proof for changing residency status rests with the student. If you do not understand the
form or want assistance in completing it, do not hesitate to contact the Office of Graduate Studies.
NOTE: The student should meet the checklist standards in advance of registration to be eligible for
waiver of out-of-state fees. Alabama State University is not responsible for past out-of-state fee charges.
Please complete the form below and attach your proof of meeting the criteria stated above and return
all documentation to the Office of Graduate Studies in sufficient time for assessment to be made.
Name: ______________________________________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________________
City: ___________________________ State: _____________ Zip Code: ________
SID: _______________ Phone Number: _______________ Email Address________________
Date you permanently moved to Alabama: Month_________Date________Year____________
Semester for which you are requesting in-state status:
Fall __________ Spring __________ Summer ________
Year Year Year