Revised 3/2020
Unofficial Transcript
Agreement Form
I understand that my admission to Brandman University will be based on unofficial transcripts. If admitted,
official transcripts required for admission must be submitted by the end of the session following my
admission. If any discrepancy is found between the unofficial and official transcript(s) a further evaluation will
be completed by Brandman University, which could impact any admission decision and potentially result in a
revocation of admission.
An unofficial transcript is defined as follows:
1. A copy of an official or unofficial transcript issued directly to the applicant by the source institution.
2. A copy of an official transcript issued directly to another higher education institution by the source
3. A download of a transcript/academic record from the source institution’s secure web portal. This
download must indicate the applicant’s name, source institution, and whether coursework is
institutional or transfer.
Grade reports are
not acceptable as unofficial transcripts.
If my unofficial transcripts do not show adequate course information in order to verify grades and units
received, an official transcript will be required for admission review. Unofficial transcripts submitted in
Microsoft Word format, will not be accepted.
If I have not submitted all official transcripts by the end of the third week of my first session of class, I
understand that an administrative HOLD will be placed on my record and I will not be able to register
for classes.
If all official transcripts have not been received by the end of the session following my admission, I will
be administratively DROPPED from future session registrations.
An official transcript is one sent directly from the institution of record to Brandman University in a
sealed envelope or submitted electronically to Brandman University from the institution of record. A
transcript issued to the applicant MAY be accepted if it is delivered in the official unopened and sealed
envelope from the institution of record.
By signing this agreement I acknowledge the following:
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Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, we may extend the below deadlines based on CDC guidelines.
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