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The City of Galva may require written approval from the owner
City of Galva
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Galva, IL 61434
Phone: (309) 932-2555
Fax: (309) 932-3306
Fence Permit Application
& Agreement
Property Owner
Commercial Residential
Tenant Architect Designer Engineer
Purpose of Application
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Description of
Proposed Work
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(example: install
8' wooden
privacy fence
around back
yard and
decorative fence
in front yard)
I hereby certify that the proposed work is authorized by the owner of record and that I have been
authorized by the owner to make this application as his/her authorized agent and I/we agree to conform
to all applicable laws of this jurisdiction and those of the State of Illinois and the Federal Government. I
further certify that the fence I am building will conform to the specifications listed above.
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1. Fence shall be 8' 6" in height or less
2. Side or rear yards only and front yards as hereinafter restricted. These provisions and the following
restrictions on front yard fences shall apply to all residential/home units.
3. Fences shall be erected within the boundaries of the fence owner's property.
4. The finished side of all fences shall face the exterior of the property on all sides.
5. Front yard fences must be constructed of a material which will permit at least 50% visibility through said
fence and such front yard fence or fences shall not exceed 3'6" in height.
6. No fences shall be permitted that have sharp edges and/or points that may create injury.
7. No barbed wire fences permitted; no chain link fences topped by barbed wire strands permitted.
8. No fence shall be constructed which obscures clear views of traffic at intersections or driveways, or which
creates a safety hazard to pedestrians or vehicular traffic or which creates a dwelling hazard.
9. All fences shall be kept in good repair and appearance. Owners of fences that have deviated from their
original construction design shall rectify the design fault within thirty days.
10. No fences shall be permitted that deviate from normal design and appearance standards and color.
11. Permission to erect a fence upon a utility easement does not remove the obligation of the owner of said
fence to remove the fence upon demand of the utility company. Removal of the fence and any rebuilding
cost will be borne by the owner of said fence.
12. No fence shall be constructed within two feet (2') of any public sidewalk.
13. No person shall erect or relocate a fence within the corporate limits of the City of Galva without first
obtaining a fence permit. No permit shall be issued if the building inspector determines that the proposed
fence does not meet the requirements of the City's fence ordinance. A sketch or design of the proposed
fence, including a description of materials to be used and specification of height shall be submitted for
approval by the City of Galva.
14. All fences shall be built to conform with standards of normal fence construction and shall meet the proper
criteria of construction for the type of fence being erected.
15. Fence permits shall remain valid for up to ninety (90) days from the date of issuance. If the fence is not
completed in that period, the owner must reapply and pay for a new permit.
16. No shrubs, bushes or trees shall be planted within one foot of the fence.
17. Side yard fences shall not extend past the main frame of the fence owner's home and shall not create a
fire or safety hazard.
. Fences erected upon corner lots or reverse corner lots shall be aligned with the front main frame of
adjoining houses.