say(s) under oath upon affirmation:
1. Representations. The statements in this affidavit are true to the best our knowledge,
information and belief.
2. Powers and Privileges: We are the members of
an LLC of the State of The managing member of the LLC is
We are citizens of the United States and at least 18 years old. We are fully familiar with the business
of the LLC
3.Approval by Manager(s). (Check one only)
Manager and/or Member approval is not required if so stated in the Operating Agreement.
This is a sale of all or substantially all of the assets of the Limited Liability Company.The sale is not
made in the regular course of the business of the Limited Liability Company. A copy of the
authorization and approval of the Manager(s) and/or Member(s) is attached.
4. Ownership and Possession. The LLC is the only owner of the property located at
called "this property".
We now sell this property to
called "the Buyers".
We are in sole possession of this property. There are tenants or other occupants of this
property. We have owned this property since . Since then no one has
questioned our ownership or right to possession. We have never owned any property which is
next to this property.
This action, and makiing of this Affidavit of Title, has been duly authorized by a proper resolution
of the LLC. A copy of the Certificate of Formation, Operating Agreement and any Amendments
thereto together with a copy of the Resolution is attached. The LLC is duly authorized to transact
business in the State of New Jersey. It has paid all state taxes due. Its charter, franchise and powers
have never been suspended or revoked. It is not restrained from doing business nor has any legal
action been taken for that purpose. It has never changed its name or used any other name.
5. Improvements. No additions, alterations or improvements are now being made or have
been made to this property since . It has always obtained all necessary permits
and certificated of occupancy. All charges for municipal improvements such as sewers, sidewalks,
curbs or similar improvements benefiting this property have been paid in full. No building,
addition, extension or alteration on this property has been made or worked on within the past
four months. The LLC is not aware that anyone has filed or intends to file a Notice of Unpaid Balance a
Construction Lien Claim relating to this property. No one has notified us that money is due and owning
for construction, alteration or repair work on this property.
8. Reliance. The LLC makes this affidavit in order to induce the Buyer(s) to accept its deed.
It is aware that the Buyer(s), their Mortgage Lender and Vested Title Inc. rely on its truthfulness
and the statements made in this affidavit.
Signed and Affirmed before me on
Managing Member
Notary public
7. Exceptions and Additions. The following is a complete list of exceptions and additions
to the above statements. This includes all liens or mortgages, which are not being paid off as a
result of this sale.
6. Liens or Encumbrances. It has not allowed any interest (legal rights) to be created
which affect its ownership or use this property. No other persons have legal rights in this
property, except the rights of utility companies to use this property along the road or for the
purpose of serving this property. The LLC does not have any pending lawsuits or judgments
against it or other legal obligations which may be enforced against this property. It does not
owe any disability, unemployment, social security, municipal or alcoholic beverage tax payments.
No bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings have been started by or against us. It has never
declared bankruptcy. No one has any security interest in any personal property or fixtures
included on this property. All liens (legal claims, such as judgments) listed on the attached
judgment or lien search are not against the LLC, but against others with similar names.