Affidavit of Financial Resources
For Issuance of Form I-20
Each individual contributing financially to the named student’s education must complete the Affidavit of Financial
Resources and submit and official dated bank statement. In case of jointly held accounts, each individual holder must
complete an affidavit of financial resources. Please indicate student’s name on all financial documents.
Name of Student __________________________________________________________________________
Last First
PART 1: Please write clearly
Name of Sponsor (please print): _____________________________________________________________________
Relationship to student : ___________________________________________________________________________
Sponsor contact information:
Mailing Address: __________________________________________________________________________________
Telephone __________________________ Email _______________________________________________________
I/We guarantee to provide financial support in the amount of $ ________________ (US dollars) for the student’s (and
dependents, if applicable) tuition, fees, and living expenses in order to study at Ventura College. As verification that
funding is available, I have attached an original bank statement(s) per the requirements explained below.
Sponsor Signature: _________________________________________________________ Date: _________________
PART 2: Attach supporting documents
Requirements for Documentation of Funds
All official dated bank statement must be provided
All accounts must be easily accessible and liquid assets
All documents must be in English. If not, an English translation must accompany the original.
All supporting documentation must be dated within the past three months.
Letters of sponsorship must include exact dollar amount of support (in US dollars) and dates of
If funds are not in U.S. dollars, print and attach the conversion rate from
NOTE: The following documents are NOT acceptable.
Statements verifying employment and salary
Insurance premiums and policies
Property or personal assets (automobiles, land, buildings, jewelry, etc.)
Lines of credit
Assets such as stocks, bonds, equities, retirement accounts
Income tax returns
Attestations stating only that a sponsor can meet the expenses without providing accompanying
bank statements
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