Affected Person’s Written Approval
Please read the information on the back of this page before signing
I (full name):__________________________________________________
being the Owner and Occupier Owner Occupier
of the property situated at (address of your property):
I have the authority to sign on behalf of all other owners occupiers of the property.
This is written approval for (describe proposed activity):
Which will be carried out at:
I understand the proposal and have seen and signed a copy of the plans and/or the supporting information.
I understand that if I give my approval, the Council cannot take into account any effect that the activity may have on me, when it
considers the application.
I understand that at any time before the application is finalised, I may give notice in writing to the Council that this approval is
withdrawn, under S104(4) of the Resource Management Act 1991.
If the consent authority determines that the activity is a deemed permitted boundary activity under section 87BA of the Act, your
written approval cannot be withdrawn if this process is followed instead.
Signed: Date:
Signature of person giving written approval (or person authorized to sign on behalf of person giving written approval.
(A signature is not required if you give your written approval by electronic means but the plans must be signed).
Email Address:
Contact Phone Number:
Postal Address:
Page 1 - Affected Persons Written Approval - Section 95e(3) Resource Management Act 1991
Note: If signing on behalf of a trust or company please provide additional written evidence that you have signing authority.
What is Resource Consent?
Resource Consent is permission from Council for an activity that might affect the environment and isn’t allowed as of right in the District
Who decides who is an affected person?
An affected person is a property owner or occupier who Council has identified as someone who would be affected by the proposal.
What does being an affected person mean?
As an affected person, the applicant for resource consent will ask you for your written approval for the activity. If the applicant gains the
written approvals of all the affected persons, Council will probably not provide anyone with an opportunity to make a submission on the
If an applicant gains written approval from some but not all of the affected persons, Council will provide all affected persons with an oppor-
tunity to make a submission on the proposal.
If you are an affected person you:
• May be asked by an applicant to give written approval to the application for a resource consent that affects you.
• Don’t have to give written approval if you are unhappy about what is being proposed.
• Are entitled to write to Council on an application if you, or any other affected party, decide not to give your written approval, giving your
reasons for withholding approval.
What does giving written approval involve?
Giving your written approval involves signing a number of documents. The applicant will usually ask you to sign and date:
• A copy of the application form.
• A copy of the plans, if there are any.
• A copy of the AEE (assessment of environmental effects).
• An affected person approval form.
If you are asked to sign:
• Study all of the documents carefully so you understand exactly what’s involved.
• Make sure the applicant gives you enough information for you to understand the proposal and how it affects you.
• Remember that you can take your time, and that you don’t have to sign.
• You may ask the applicant for a copy of the application for your own records.
Other questions about signing
Can I ask for changes?
Yes. If you’d be happy to give your approval to the application after some changes, you can ask the applicant to amend the documents and
bring them back for you to sign.
Can I give conditional approval?
No. Council does not accept conditional approval. An example of a conditional approval might be “I give approval on the basis that the garage
is moved a further metre off my boundary”. If you want changes, request the applicant to amend the application.
What happens if you do sign?
If you give your written approval:
• Council can’t consider the adverse effects on you when it is deciding whether to grant or decline the application.
• You can’t appeal the Council’s decision after the resource consent has been approved and issued.
• If you change your mind you need to formally withdraw your approval in writing to Council before the resource consent is granted.
For further assistance please contact Council Resource Management Staff on 03 2111
777 or email
Page 2 - Affected Persons Written Approval - Section 95e(3) Resource Management Act 1991
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