Advisory Committee for the Health Professions
Reference request form
Student’s name: Date:
Reference name:
The student named above requests that you write a letter of recommendation on his or her behalf. This letter will be
submitted to the preprofessional advisory committee of Utica College. The letter you write will be redistributed to the
professional schools to which the student is applying, and a ‘composite letter’ will be written by the committee which will
include direct quotes from the letter you write, quotes from other letters written on the student’s behalf, and the comments
of the committee. The composite letter will serve as a cover letter for all the letters of recommendation sent on this
student’s behalf. If you have any questions about this process, please contact me via email or telephone.
Your letter should be specific where possible. Rather than write Student X was very bright and got an A in my class”, it’s
more helpful to write “Student X was very bright, and quickly acquired difficult concepts. The signal hypothesis of protein
sorting is typically a difficult one for intro students to grasp, but X came to class having read the chapter, and already
understood it well. When other students expressed difficulty with it, she came to their aid with relevant examples. This
willingness to help others was also typical of her performance, and she earned an A with the second highest grade in a class
of 31. Typically, fewer than 10% of the students earn an A in that class.It’s OK to write “Student Y was a joy to have in
class”, if you also explain why he was a joy to have in class. The schools to which the students are applying will be
interested in their intelligence, work ethic, maturity, passion, communication skills, and ability to get a lot done with little
time. You need not specifically address all of those qualities in one letter, nor what kind of a doctor, dentist, or vet you
think the student will be.
We on the committee recognize that a good letter takes time and effort to craft, and we thank you for your contribution to
the students’ application package.
Thank you,
Adam K. Pack, Ph.D.
Chair, Advisory Committee for the Health Professions • (315) 792-3129
Student: Please complete this part before you give it to the person you’re asking for a letter.
I waive my right to see the letter of reference requested above.
I do not waive my right to see the letter of reference requested above.
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Please send your letter with this form attached to:
Dr. Adam K. Pack
Chair, Advisory Committee for the Health Professions
Utica College
1600 Burrstone Rd
Utica, NY 13502