Advisor Application
Version 02-2018
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This form is for staff (including Adjunct staff) of JCU who wish to supervise Higher Degree by Research
Complete this form to:
Register for the first time
Upgrade your level on the Register
Who needs to sign this form?
The applicant
Relevant College Dean (or delegated authority)
Dean, Graduate Research
Applicant’s Details
Surname / Family Name:
College: JCU Employment: Continuing Fixed Term Adjunct
Highest Qualification: PhD Professional Doctorate Other:
I am applying to: Request admission to the JCU Register of Advisors for the first time
Upgrade my level on the Register
Your publication record
All JCU staff are required to upload their publications into the University Record via ResearchOnline@JCU.
Applications without an up-to-date publication record may be delayed until this is done.
Have you authored at least one ERA recognised publication (or equivalent creative outputs) in the preceding
two years? Yes No
Are you research active? Yes No
The definition of research active is:
Humanities, Social Sciences and Arts (HASS): At least five ERA-eligible publications in the previous five years
Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine (STEMM) disciplines: At least six ERA-eligible
research publications in the previous five years;
Book Chapter (A1) = 1, Book (B1) = 5, Journal Article (C1) = 1, Conference Paper (E1) = 0.5 or 1
Please note: Where the library is unable to verify a research output as an NTRO, applicants will need to include
in their application an endorsement from a senior scholar within their discipline, to support the claim of
relevant outputs as ERA-eligible research.
HDR Completions
How many HDR candidates have you supervised to completion in the last 5 years?
Of the HDR candidates indicated above, how many were you Primary (or Principal)
Advisor for?
Advisor training
I have completed JCU Advisor training on date:
Name of training most recently completed e.g. Initiate, Update
I am registered to attend JCU Advisor training on date:
Application for Admission or Upgrade to the JCU Register of Advisors
JCU Graduate Research School (GRS)
Version 02-2018
Advisor Application
Version 02-2018
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Applicant Signature
This form should be submitted to the Academic Services Officer in your College who will submit the form to the
Graduate Research School once signed by your College Dean.
College Dean Signature
In signing this application, you agree:
That where the applicant is an employee of JCU, they are capable of undertaking supervisory duties as
part of their workload and that their workload will be adjusted to accommodate supervisory duties in
accordance with the JCU Enterprise Agreement 2013-2016 Section 34.6
Where the applicant has an adjunct or Emeritus appointment, that this appointment is with your
College and that it is appropriate for the applicant to undertake HDR supervision
Eligibility checks
Doctoral qualification
Completion of Advisor Training or registered to attend training
Research publication count in the last two years
Weighted research publication count in the last five years
Successful HDR supervision to completion of at least two candidates, one as Primary
Applicant eligible for level:
Approval of Dean, Graduate Research:
Conditions of Registration:
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