Advance Member Notice
Completion of this form acknowledges that the member is fully responsible for all charges associated with the professional
or institutional procedure/item/service requested below because the procedure/item/service may not be medically necessary
and/or is not a covered benet. This notice is not required for the member to receive medically appropriate and necessary
covered services.
Procedure/Item/Service (Estimated) Billed Charge
For The Patient
I acknowledge that I am voluntarily signing this statement, and that it is not being signed under duress or after the services
have already been provided. I understand that by signing this form, I will be fully responsible for the total billed charge(s)
for any procedure/item/service listed above that is denied as non-covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota and
will pay the provider as charged. I also understand that it is my choice to have the services provided at a future date and
time by this provider.
Patient Name
Benet Plan Number
Patient Signature Date
For The Provider
As a participating Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota provider, I certify that I have informed the above patient regarding
the Advance Member Notice. I acknowledge that BCBSND medical policy, BCBSND Participation Agreement provisions,
and any other policies promulgated by BCBSND, including any resulting decisions on nancial responsibility, supersede
this Advance Member Notice.
Provider Name
Provider Signature Date
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Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross & Blue Shield Association
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