11. Confidential Reference October 2019 v0.111
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Confidential Reference
Note: It is the responsibility of the SGL, or next in line Scouter, to contact the references and ensure that
the form is correctly completed. This maybe done by the referee or by the next in line Scouter during a
face to face or telephonic interview.
Name of applicant:
Appointment under consideration:
Scouting makes a positive contribution to communities in South Africa by helping and developing young people. We
encourage their physical, mental, spiritual and social development so they can take a constructive place in their
Around the world, each week, approximately 35 430 000 young people are having fun the Scouting way - that is
learning by doing!
In order for so many youth to enjoy the freedom of a carefree, fun and enjoyable time in Scouting each week, they
are supported by the dedicated efforts of many volunteers. The adult named above has offered to volunteer for
SCOUTS South Africa and has given your name as a reference.
As an organisation committed to safeguarding children and young people, we must be sure that any new volunteers
are suitable before they can take on their role and we would ask you to assist us in this important matter.
Could you please take a few minutes to complete this reference, which will remain confidential, and return it to the
person identified at the bottom of this page. It would be very helpful to have your reply as soon as possible, so that
the voluntary appointment is processed as efficiently as possible.
In commenting on the applicant, please would you bear in mind that the appointment under consideration may
involve substantial work with children, young people or charitable funds. We would therefore appreciate you being
extremely candid in your response.
If you are interested in volunteering with Scouts South Africa take a look at our website www.scouts.org.za to find
out more information about how you can help young people develop skills for life!
Thank you for your help.
Yours sincerely
________________________________ ________________________________
Name of Sender Position
11. Confidential Reference October 2019 v0.111
Please return this form to:
Email:___________________________________ Cell No: ___________________________________
This form may also be completed by the SGL or next in Line Scouter during a telephonic or in a face to face interview
with the reference
Please use capital letters
1. How long have you known the applicant?
Very Good
2. In what capacity?
Motivating others
3. Are you aware of any reasons why the
applicant should not be considered for
Membership of SCOUTS South Africa?
Working with adults
Respect for others
Working with youth
4. What attributes does the applicant have that
would make them particularly suitable?
5. How would you describe their personality?
Tel No:
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