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Student Transcript Evaluation Request for Educational Planning Purposes
Use this form to request a transcript evaluaon
NVC Student ID#
(7 digit number assigned by the college for idencaon)
Ocial Transcripts must be sealed & aached to this form or submied directly
from the instuon.
Include course descripons for transcripts prior to 1993.
Internaonal Transcripts require external evaluaon before submission. WES (World Educaon
Services) is one example of an evaluaon service we accept. hps://
Previous instuons aended must be regionally accredited in order to receive transfer credit.
Only courses from regionally accredited instuons (i.e. WASC) will be accepted.
Only lower division courses will be evaluated for transfer credit.
Napa Valley College evaluators will evaluate and award lower division credit for course work completed at
other regionally accredited instuons.
Signed : _________________________________________________ Date evaluated: ________________
Please complete the following:
First Name: _________________________________ Last Name: ________________________________
Declared Major or Program: ______________________________________________________________
Have you been accepted into a Health Occupaons Program? _______________________ Date: _______
Required to be able to process:
Student Signature: _______________________________________ Date: _________________________
(Signature veries that you have read and understand the informaon and requirements of this request.)
Please allow up to 6 weeks for processing. Student will be noed of compleon of their evaluaon by NVC student email.
Student can log into their WebAdvisor account and view the “Transcript” link to see evaluaon results.
Eecve 3/1/18
Do you have an interest in transferring to a 4-yr college? YES NO
Please print clearly in black or blue ink. All blanks must be lled-in for this form to be considered.
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