Admissions and Records Office Petition for Associate Degree
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Semester you will graduate (see back for deadlines):
Fall Spring Summer
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First Middle Last
Student ID # _______________________________ Date of Birth: ______________________________
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Do you have transfer credit from another college that will apply to this degree? Yes No
If yes, are your official transcripts on file in A&R? Yes No
List Colleges: ______________________________________________________________________________
Do you have AP, CLEP or IB Credits to apply? Yes No Are you a veteran? Yes No
Associate in Arts (AA)
African American Studies
HHS: Human Services
La Raza Studies
Liberal Arts
Arts & Humanities
Communication in the English Language
Math & Science
Social & Behavioral Sciences
Political Science
Associate in Science (AS)
Administration of Justice:
Law Enforcement
Automotive Services
Automotive Service Technician
Auto Collision Repair Technology
Biological Science
Biological Science
Business Administration
Business Management
Business Office Technology
Administrative Assistant
General Office
Computer and Communication Technology
Network Technology
Computer Information System
Computer Operations
Computer Programming
Computer Science
Culinary Arts
Classical/Modern Food Prep
Training in Pastry/Baking Skills
Early Childhood Education
Early Childhood Education
Montessori Ed Preschool Teacher
Earth Science
Medical Assisting & Office Technician
Registered Nursing
Associate for Transfer (AAT/AST)
Administration of Justice for Transfer
Anthropology for Transfer
Biology for Transfer
Business Admin for Transfer
Comm. Studies for Transfer
Early Childhood Education for Transfer
Economics for Transfer
English for Transfer
Geography for Transfer
History for Transfer
Journalism for Transfer
Kinesiology for Transfer
Math for Transfer
Music for Transfer
Physics for Transfer
Political Science for Transfer
Psychology for Transfer
Sociology for Transfer
Spanish for Transfer
Which GE Pattern are you using?
IGETC Pattern
CSU GE Breadth Pattern
Have you met with a counselor? Yes No Counselor Signature: ___________________________
Counselor Note: ________________________________________________________________________
Student Signature: _______________________________________________________________________
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Instructions: Please complete this form with the help of your counselor. You may graduate with multiple
degrees. If you also want to receive a certificate for the degree you are applying for, please complete the
Petition for Certificate form as well. We strongly recommend that you check your student planning on
WebAdvisor to check your progress before meeting with a counselor.
Filing Deadlines: Submit your Petition of Associate Degree to Admissions and Records by the following
March 1: Graduating Spring and participating in Graduation Ceremony in May
July 15: Graduating Summer
October 15: Graduating Fall
Graduating with Honors:
Honors Graduate: Earning a cumulative GPA between 3.25 and 3.74 in all degree applicable units
President’s Scholar: Earning a cumulative GPA of 3.75 or higher in all degree applicable units
Catalog Rights: If continuous enrollment is maintained by enrolling in at least one course at CCC, DEVC, or
LMC in an academic year (Summer, Fall, Spring) students are guaranteed rights to the catalog requirements in
effect during their initial term of enrollment. Should catalog requirements change while continuous enrollment is
maintained, students may utilize any subsequent catalog in effect to graduate. Students may use the catalog of
the year that the requirement changed or the exit catalog.
Graduation Checklist: Use the following checklist to make sure that you have completed all steps necessary to
complete your degree evaluation.
1. I have completed or in my last semester of completing 60 degree applicable units with a 2.0 GPA
2. I have completed a minimum of 12 degree applicable units at Contra Costa College
3. I have completed all requirements in my major with a “C” grade or higher
4. I have official transcript from other institutions attended on file with Admissions and Records Office
5. I have AP/CLEP/IB documents on file with Admissions and Records Office
6. I have recently met with a counselor to review the completion of degree requirements
Printing of Certificates:
At the end of the semester, your evaluator will review the grades received for the semester. This process takes
6-8 weeks to complete. You will receive an email notification when your certificate is ready for pick up.