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Petition for a Pass/No Pass (P/NP) Grade Option
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I am requesting enrollment in the above course on a P/NP grading option. I understand that:
1) P/NP courses cannot be in major field.
2) Some transfer colleges and universities may not allow P/NP courses in degree minors or general education.
3) P/NP courses are not calculated in COS Grade Point Average.
4) PASS units earned are not counted toward unit load for President’s List, Dean’s List, or for Phi Theta Kappa
5) Students may elect to take one regularly graded course on a P/NP basis each semester.
6) A PASS is awarded when a grade of A, B, or C is earned. A NO PASS is awarded when a grade of D or F is earned.
7) The P/NP grading option may not be changed once this form is submitted to Admissions & Records.
Petition must be submitted by end of the 6
week for full-semester classes and no later than 30% of the way through the
class for short-term or irregularly scheduled classes (check with Admissions & Records for exact dates).
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