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Overlapping Classes Permit
California Title V Regulations - § 55007. Multiple and Overlapping Enrollments.
(b) A district may not permit a student to enroll in two or more courses where the meeting times for the courses overlap, unless the district
has established and incorporated into its attendance accounting procedures adopted pursuant to section 58030 a mechanism for ensuring
that the following requirements are satisfied:
(1) the student provides a sound justification, other than mere scheduling convenience, of the need for the overlapping schedule;
(2) an appropriate district official approves the schedule;
(3) the college maintains documentation describing the justification for the overlapping schedule and showing that the student made up the
hours of overlap in the course partially or wholly not attended as scheduled at some other time during the same week under the supervision
of the instructor of the course.
Part I: To be completed by student:
Semester: Year:
Last Name: First Name: MI:
Date of Birth: Student ID#: S00 or SSN:
COS Email: Phone:
Course Name
Start / End Date
of Classes
Check Class to
be made up
Weekly Time
to be made up
Student’s Extenuating Circumstances for Request:
Scheduling Convenience is NOT acceptable and will be denied.
I understand that it is my responsibility to fulfill the requirements of each class as I will be receiving full credit for both of them.
Student Signature: Date:
A time conflict between your course and another course of the student’s choice exists. In order for the college to receive
FTES funding for this student’s enrollment in your class, the college may permit the overlapping schedule if (a) rational
justification (scheduling convenience is not acceptable) on a student by student basis can be established. (b) Faculty
maintains documentation that the student made up the hours of overlap in the course missed, partially or wholly, at some
other time during the same week under appropriate supervision. See Title V Code listed above.
If you are willing to allow this student to enroll in your course with this conflict, (scheduling convenience is not
acceptable) check appropriate box below:
I am authorizing the overlapping time conflict in my college class (listed above). I certify that I will make arrangements
with the student to make up the hours of overlap (time not attended) at another time during the same week under
supervision. (Note: in a Positive Attendance class, count ALL hours of attendance for reporting on the Grade Input
I do not authorize the overlapping time conflict in my college class listed above.
Instructor’s (of class missing time) Signature: Date:
Area Dean’s (of class missing time) Signature: Date:
Date of Meeting
Start Time
End Time
Student Initials
Instructor Initials
Example: 08/22/19