4/8/13 12:11 PM
Admissions & Records
Approval for Overlapping Classes
To Be Completed By Instructor:
Must specify exact days/times student is to meet with instructor of class to be made up.
For ESL/CNED Classes Only: Attendance will not be claimed for overlapping portion of CNED class (positive attendance.)
During overlapping time period, student will attend _____________________________.
Course Name and Section Number
****************FOR OFFICE USE ONLY****************
Per Student Attendance Accounting Manual: The college may permit the overlapping schedule if:
a. Rational justification on a student-by-student basis can be established and can be documented, and
b. The College maintains documentation that each student made up the hours of overlap in the course partially or wholly not attended
as scheduled at some other time during the same week under appropriate supervision.
__________________________________________________________ _____________________________
Instructor’s Signature (class to be made up) Date
__________________________________________________________ _____________________________
Dean of Instruction’s Signature Date
______________________________________________________________ _________________________
Last Name First Name M.I. RCCD ID# or SSN
______________________________________ ______________________________ _____ ____________
Number and Street Apt# City State Zip
_______________ (_______)______________________ _________________________________________________
Date of Birth Phone Number RCCD Student Email Address
Term/Year: SUM_____ FAL_____ WIN_____ SPR_____ Today’s Date: _______________________
1. Section Number: __________ Course Name: __________ Time: ____________ Days: ___________ Instructor: ________________
2. Section Number: __________ Course Name: __________ Time: ____________ Days: ___________ Instructor: ________________
Class to be made up: ______________________________________________________________________
Student Signature: ____________________________________________________ Date: ______________