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Application to Audit a Class
Last Name: First Name: MI:
Date of Birth: Student ID#: S00 or SSN:
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City: State: Zip Code:
Length of Time in California:
May the College release information regarding your attendance and residence to outside inquires? This information would
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Audit Policy:
Under certain conditions, COS will allow students to audit courses. These conditions include:
Audit courses have no unit value.
Priority for enrollment shall be given to students desiring to take the course for credit towards a degree or
A student wishing to audit a course will only be allowed to register for the course after the first week of the course
and only if the minimum class size has been reached and the course is still open.
The instructor must approve any student wishing to audit a course.
A student wishing to audit a course must have exhausted the repeatability allowed for the course.
A student auditing a course must participate fully in class activities.
The instructor is not obligated to grade assignments of auditing students.
No student auditing a course shall be permitted to change his or her enrollment to receive credit for the course.
Audit courses will not appear on the academic transcript.
Fee for Auditing:
The audit fee is $15 per unit; some courses may have a material fee. All fees associated with auditing a course are the
responsibility of the student.
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