Administrative Variance 06/2019
City of Marco Island
Growth Management Department
50 Bald Eagle Drive
Marco Island, FL 34145
Phone: 239-389-5000
Administrative Variance Request
Applicable Sections of the Marco Island Land Development Code Sec. 30-65-Variance Procedures, Sec.
30-1009-Fences, Sec. 54-114-Minor after the fact encroachments
Petition type: AV- __Date Received: ________________________________
Planner: _______
Above to be completed by Staff
Company: _________________________________________ Contact: _______________
Agent’s mailing address: ___________________
Agent’s email address: _______________________________________________________________
Phone #: Fax #: _______________________________________
Property Owner(s): _________________
Site Address: __________________________________________ Folio #: ______________________________
Legal Description: ________________
Structure Permit #: ________________________________ CO date: _______________________________
Variance(s) being requested: _________________
______ Cover letter explaining the reason for the administrative variance request
______ *Survey (to scale) of the property
______ Letter of no objection from each adjacent property owner
(dock and fence administrative variances only)
______ $300 administrative variance fee (payable to the City of Marco Island)
*For administrative variances of walls or fences, survey must include spot elevations of
existing grade and top of structure in question.
Please allow one (1) week for the processing of an administrative variance. Incomplete applications will
not be processed.