Administrative Minor Subdivision Application
Owners Name ___________________________________________________________
Owners Address _________________________________________________________
Phone Number _______________________ Fax Number ________________________
Email ___________________________________________________________________
Parcel Number ___________________________________________________________
Section _______ Township _______ Range ________
Surveyor ________________________________________________________________
Under the provisions of Article 5, Sections 3 and 4 of the Subdivision Regulations for Christian
County, Missouri, I _______________________________ request that an administrative minor
subdivision be approved in order to:
Create ________ new metes and bounds described tracts of land for building permits
and/or transfer of title without platting.
Re-configure ________ property descriptions for building permits and/or transfer of title
without platting (Lot Line Adjustment).
Sufficient evidence must be submitted to the Planning and Development Administrator to
support the request as required by the Subdivision Regulations in granting approval.
I the undersigned, authorize Christian County staff to conduct on-site inspections in order
to ensure this site’s compliance with provisions of the Christian County Zoning
Regulations, Subdivision Regulations and the Christian County Building Codes.
____________________________________________________ Date: ____________________
____________________________________________________ Date: ____________________
Authorized Signature of Owner(s)
Date Approved: ____________________
Date Denied: ______________________
Planning and Development Official
County of Christian Fee Paid ___________
Planning and Development Receipt # ___________
1106 W. Jackson St. Check # ____________
Ozark, MO 65721 MS # ______________
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The Subdivision Regulations for Christian County define an Administrative Minor Subdivision
as any division of unplatted land in which not more than three (3) tracts will be created,
including any remainder proposed to be retained by the owner and which does not follow the
preliminary / final plat procedure. The minor subdivision application will either be approved or
denied within thirty (30) working days from the date of the submittal.
PLEASE NOTE: Your application, if approved, may result in a change in permitted land use.
All applications will require review for compliance with current Christian County Zoning and
Subdivision Regulations. In order to make the necessary investigations, Christian County staff
will need to access the property under review to make certain determinations, including but not
limited to: stormwater runoff, slope, location of geologic and physical features such as sinkholes,
site distance and setbacks.
You must submit the following applicable documents:
A Property Boundary Survey indicating all easements of record which shall comply with
the current Missouri Minimum Standards for Property Boundary Surveys and meet the
requirements of the Subdivision Regulations.
The permit application signed by the owner or legal representative. If a corporation if the
property owner of record, please affix the corporate seal.
A copy of the tax map which may be provided by the Planning and Development
A copy of the recorded deed of ownership including a complete legal description of the
property to be subdivided.
A driveway access permit must be attained for the subdivision from the applicable
County Road District (or their designee), Special Road District or the Missouri
Department of Transportation.
The municipality’s comment letter if the property lies within the Tier 1, 2, or 3 of the
Urban Service Area adopted maps.
Any additional information, material and documents necessary to determine compliance
with all regulations of Christian County.
Adopted fee per the adopted fee schedule. NOTE: All fees are non-refundable.
Administrative Minor Subdivision $150.00
Reconfiguration / Lot Line Adjustment $ 75.00
What you need to apply for an
Administrative Minor Subdivision
Minor-Subdivision Environmental Checklist
Owners Name
Date of
Sinkhole / Geological Features and Physical Features
Easements Overhead Electric (etc)
Over 6 Tracts Under 5 Acres Developed (MDNR)
Digital Camera Photos
Driveway Access Available
Planning & Development Staff
The evaluation for the above referenced property was completed utilizing both the best available data and on-site
inspection. This evaluation does not, however, rule out the possibility that unmapped sinkholes or other geologic
features may be present.
Planning & Development Staff
County of Christian Telephone: (417) 581-7242
Planning and Development Facsimile: (417) 581-4623
1106 W. Jackson St.
Ozark, MO 65721